What You Need to Know About Insurance in Saskatchewan

If you’re looking for insurance in Saskatchewan, you’ve come to the right place. SGIO is celebrating 60 years of service as the province’s driver licensing and motor vehicle registration system. It also operates the Saskatchewan Automobile Accident Insurance Act (AAIA) and Contents insurance. If you’re considering a policy, be sure to read our Saskatchewan insurance guide to learn more about the province’s insurance system.

SGIO celebrates 60th anniversary

The Saskatchewan Government Insurance Office (SGIO) was established in 1944 during a special session of the Legislature. The building was named after C.M. Fines, the province’s treasurer, who played a key role in piloting the bill through the House. In addition, the province’s minister of social welfare, O.W. Valleau, was also a close friend of Fines.

SGIO operates driver licensing and motor vehicle registration system for Saskatchewan

The SGIO operates the driver licensing and motor vehicle registration system for the province of Saskatchewan. The system allows drivers to apply for and renew licenses in the province. It also provides drivers with driver education. The provincial government is committed to promoting responsible driving.

Automobile Accident Insurance Act (AAIA)

The Automobile Accident Insurance Act (AAIA), Canada’s most comprehensive insurance law, governs automobile insurance in Canada. The act provides a framework for insurance coverage, insurance practices and arbitration. The Automobile Accident Insurance Act (AAIA) has been amended several times since its introduction in 1966, and the last major change occurred in 2003.

Contents insurance

Contents insurance can help protect you and your home against unexpected events. This type of insurance pays for lost possessions, including those in storage units, sheds and garden features. It can cover the cost of calling tradesmen to make repairs and can provide accommodation for you and your family during an emergency.

Traffic safety program

The Saskatchewan government has implemented a traffic safety program to encourage safe driving habits. Drivers are encouraged to follow the rules of the road and not use their cell phones while driving. Distracted driving is a serious safety issue. In July, the Saskatchewan Police Department recorded 581 tickets for distracted driving, of which 454 involved the use of a cell phone. Distracted driving is the leading cause of injury and death in auto crashes.

Criminal record check

There are a few reasons why you might want to get a criminal record check. Insurance companies may be looking to make sure that a potential applicant does not have a criminal past. For instance, if you’re thinking of getting a car insurance policy, you’ll want to know if the potential driver has a clean record. There are also a few ways to find out if someone is hiding something.

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