What Is The Significance Of FSSAI Registration And Food License?

Why Is Food License Essential?

The legislature of India passed the Food Safety and Standards Act in 2006 for improving the food sector’s overall performance. The key aim of this Food Act is to regulate all the functions of a food operator, importer, distributor, manufacturer and online seller.

You will not be able to begin a food products business without obtaining the food license offered by the respective state government. So, any food distribution entity, food manufacturer, food packaging or food processing business should hold a valid food license through FSSAI to begin their business operations.


As a regulator, it is their sole responsibility to take the necessary steps for introducing transparency in the food sector while making sure that the foods are made to undergo several quality checks. In addition, it is imperative for them to know how the food is prepared, marketed and packed according to the predefined norms that the FSSAI has laid down. The FSSAI enforcement officer has acted in a strict fashion during the incidences that involve substandard products and adulteration for promoting the accountability of food manufacturers.

Requirement For Inclusions In The Package

The FSSAI requires the manufacturer of packaged foods to include the following aspects in the packages.

  1. The fees for State License Government
  2. Consultation for Eligibility
  3. Filing Application
  4. Preparation of Documents
  5. Drafting the Application

Who Are Exempted By Food License?

The FSSAI offers Food License to help the businesses perform activities such as processing foods, dry fruits packaging, food catering services and stages of food manufacturing, food distribution of varied forms, packaging, storage, processing and much more. However, Food License exempts temporary stall holder, hawkers and on wheel vendors, as they can obtain permission from the respective authorities of small scale industries or cottage industries.

As soon as you get the FSSAI License, make sure that you check its validity, as it will be offered with 1 or 2 year validity period. The Food License must be renewed regularly before its validity gets expired based on your business requirements.


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