AWS Testing and Security

Many people use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to store their data and perform basic business operations. And, while AWS is generally considered to be quite secure, there are still things users can and should do to further promote security, protect their data, and prevent against leaks that may occur. One of the best options for increasing aws security is a process known as pen or penetration testing.

Find Major Weaknesses Within Your System

Many people are totally unfamiliar with pen testing, which is unfortunate since it can be so helpful. Think of pen testing as basically allowing an outside organization to hack into your site the same way that an unwanted hacker would. The only difference is that the site owner is paying the “hacker” for the service.

The goal of hacking into the site is, first, to see if hacking can be done. If it can, that represents a problem in and of itself that will need to be addressed. If hacking occurs, the next step would be for the allowed hacker to find any weaknesses within the AWS system and determine if and how those weaknesses could be exploited. At the end of the hack, users get a full rundown of issues with their system, as well as potential remedies for fixing those issues. Problems are spotted before they have a chance to become major issues.

Check All the Application Systems

Pen testing is a very thorough testing method, which is why smart businesses rely on it. Not only can it determine, as mentioned above, if a system can be hacked, but it can go even deeper. This testing method is quite adept at targeting and checking out even back-end application systems and any vulnerabilities that may exist within them. Through careful, thorough, professional AWS testing, even application protocol interfaces and both front end and back end servers can be carefully viewed and checked for any weaknesses. Anyone who wants their system and all parts of their systems checked as thoroughly as possible can benefit from pen testing.

See Who Is (and Isn’t) Doing Their Job

Penetration testing can even be helpful on an employee level. Many employees within a business or other operation are tasked with specific security-related functions and tasks. If even one employee fails in one area, this can pose a serious security risk. Thankfully, however, in-depth penetration testing can reveal who has let a key function of their job fall by the wayside and what the potential fallout could be. Armed with this information, employers can then make the decision to mentor or discipline their employees or even to assign a new employee to a certain security task.

In all these ways and many more, pen testing has the potential to benefit an organization. For best results, this type of testing should be done on a regular basis. A service that offers pen testing can look at the setup and functions of a business and determine the best possible frequency of testing to ensure maximum security and positive results.