Tips on How To Write Christmas Cards in the Age of COVID-19

Since early 2020, it seems like you can’t escape the mention of the novel coronavirus. Though the period of total uncertainty about the virus has been over for quite some time, there have been plenty of difficulties in nations all over the world when it comes to managing the crisis. With the threat of lockdowns or restrictions always on the horizon, it can be difficult to know how to keep a message light when you’re writing out your personalized Christmas cards. How does one capture the mood of the holiday season during such times of uncertainty?

Though each day might be a bit of a mystery, there are plenty of ways to keep your cards focused on the main reason for the season. Take a look at these tips and keep your greetings light and merry.

Focus on the Design

The first thing a person notices when opening the envelope and taking out your card is the design you’ve selected for the front. Immediately, the recipient is going to have a reaction. This means you have a perfect opportunity to make the people who receive your cards smile, laugh, or feel the emotional equivalent of a comforting hug. Take time to peruse your design options and decide which image helps to capture the exact sentiment you’d like to highlight with your card.

Think About the Right Message

After the design, the message you include in your personalized Christmas cards is the next most important feature to think about. First, think about the tone you’re trying to convey. Is your aim to keep people thinking positive thoughts about the future? Do you want to bring out the smiles through jokes? The general mood you’re hoping to capture should dictate what you say.

Some people struggle with coming up with words sentiments that cut to the heart of how they feel. If you need help, consider writing a draft and reading it aloud to someone you trust. This move can provide you with outside perspective on how the message sounds and if you’re achieving the tone you’re aiming for.

Avoiding the Topic Vs. Being Too Invested in the Situation

Since the news cycle has been utterly dominated with news surrounding the coronavirus and its ramifications on most aspects of society, you may feel a strong impulse to avoid mentioning the topic altogether in your card. Unfortunately, your plans were probably largely shaped by how the virus altered daily life. This means dancing around the subject could be akin to lying in your card. Conversely, talking about the virus too much in your message might cause undue stress in what otherwise is supposed to be a positive gesture. Your best bet is to strike a healthy balance between the two.

No matter how much or little you bring up the virus, try and remember to keep the message uplifting. Talk hopefully about the future and keep the reason for the season in your heart.

Spread Holiday Cheer

When the holiday season rolls around, sending out personalized Christmas cards is a fantastic way to connect with people you love. Since recent times have been difficult on everyone, you may want to think about how your card can make a positive impact. Look over the options at Cards for Causes, pick a design, craft a message, and spread holiday cheer in a way that lifts the spirits of those you care about.

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