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Three Tips For Big Wins In Tournaments

Three Tips For Big Wins In Tournaments

Online rummy in India has grown to become an increasingly popular medium for entertainment as well as skill enhancement. Rummy being a strategy based game, holds high value for players who prefer spending their leisure time in skill-building activities. One can conveniently download the rummy app or play on the website whenever they wish to and this factor alone has added a lot of credibility to the game. Apart from the practice and cash games most rummy sites offer, players can also join rummy tournaments or ‘tourneys’ and win enticing bonuses. Participating in rummy tourneys is quite simple, but the challenge lies in winning an entire tourney. Players that target the big wins need to have a strategy in mind before they register and start playing. If you too aspire to get the top rewards in rummy tourneys, have a look at these three major tips before you register for the next tournament.

Play on the Higher Tables

Higher tables usually guarantee big wins since there are fewer players, hence a lower level of competition. While registering, choose a tourney with higher stakes to get the big wins. But, you must not forget that even though the number of players is small, yet their skill level is quite high. You must be confident of your rummy skills, and if the need arises, practice as much as you can before the tournament begins.

Thorough Practice

One must work harder to achieve bigger goals. The same rule applies to online rummy too, and your preparation must be in sync with your goals. After registering for a tourney, a player has enough time to practice and improve their skills. Try playing both the practice games and cash games so that you get to play against opponents with a varied skill-level. It will help you prepare for any situation during the main competition. Since Deals Rummy is the most common variant played in tourneys, hence you must ensure to level up your skills beforehand.

Retain your Focus

Registering for and playing a tournament usually is a well-planned move. It would be wise to play with the same energy and enthusiasm from the beginning until the end. Ensure that you apply the same level of skills and strategies throughout the tournament. This would give you an edge over other players who either start out weak or lose their spark by the end of the tourney. If you remain consistent with your strategies, there’s a higher chance of you being able to score a position in the top players than if you prefer to play otherwise.


Getting Big wins in online rummy tournaments is a tough job and requires ample dedication and practice. But it is not an impossible feat, and if you are a rummy enthusiast, you’ll find out ways to get those big wins. All we would suggest is that you must not lose heart, and keep practising with the same vigour and passion, improve your strategies and polish your skills to become a pro in the rummy tourneys. Keep the above three tips in mind before playing the next tournament. We wish you have a great time playing the game.

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