The Workplace Mobile Chat Guide

Workplace Mobile Chat

The recent COVID-19 outbreak has highlighted the importance of mobile communication for any company or organization that wants to be competitive.

A study has shown that mobile communication is costing companies more than USD 1Billion annually. This constituent is not surprising considering the importance of mobile communication within any organization.

Today, the workplace mobile communication culture consists of four areas.

The first area includes smartphones and mobile applications that allow you to make business calls and receive information from your office. This area contains three high-end components. The introduction of intelligent phone technologies can significantly increase the efficiency of the call-making process. The use of mobile communication software such a Call Management Software (CMS) or Workplace Communication Management Software (WCM) can improve the efficiency and productivity of the work environment. The pandemic showed that instant, real-time communication is essential between and within coworkers.

One reason the pandemic confirmed the new normal is its impact on how companies used their existing smartphones and software to access the workplace.

In the past, these communications systems required that they be connected to the company’s primary data network system. This meant that they would consume a lot of bandwidth. The system cannot manage voice and video conferencing effectively, especially in high-traffic areas. Companies had to monitor their telephones constantly and are attentive to video conferencing conferences.

This new normal has brought about many changes within the workplace. Individuals and small groups could only use these devices. This made it challenging to create and maintain practical team-building exercises and meetings.

Workplace Mobile Chat will allow companies to use their mobile phones as a communication tool to promote a harmonious work environment. The application also permits companies to abide by the signal recording law and comply with the required text messaging compliance.

TeleMessage has provided an infographic below that includes the mobile chat guide for the workplace:


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