The New Rules of Event Marketing

The GWC USA Inc company needs to participate in as many events as possible and even host their own events as frequent as they can without losing money. There are new rules of event marketing that companies should listen to in order to get a positive ROI from these different events and to expose their company to as many prospects as possible. The following are some new modern rules when it comes to event marketing:

  1. You need to create an event within an event

This means that you need to try to create an event within an event by giving the consumer a one-on-one experience and engaging them directly by educating them about your product or service in an interactive way so that they don’t get bored. It is important to make events known in the mass media so by using word of mouth, you will get more buzz and more prospects.

  1. Employ GPS and real-time event tracking

This means that you want people in different communities to see where you event is taking place, and people can actually check-in to your event and if you make it public, everyone can see what is going on in real-time. This is something that builds the press and community around.

  1. Add another dimension

Augmented reality is always a big hit at events and is great for project demonstrations depending on what your company is selling. Even QR codes are often used at large events instead of exchanging business cards.

  1. Use ubiquitous social networking as a conduit for exclusivity

A lot of brands have been encouraging people to become fans on their sites by either liking them or following them and this also lets you see what is going on.

  1. Hire outside experts and lots of them if needed
  2. Don’t fear consumers’ brutal honesty
  3. Mash-up your technology
  4. Tweeten the deal

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