Branded content is not a new concept and has been there for a decade now. Digital publishers have been generating revenue which has helped them strive with insights for better branded content, understanding how individual care could be given to each brand and what they require.

With 2020 new trends are coming up and more and more brands are now going for middle publishers rather than their larger counterparts because they want the best in terms of service, loyal and engaged customers, and a consistent flow of content, views, purchases, and traffic.

With the readers and viewers of today, advertisements do not work as effectively as they did even a decade ago. This is why companies and digital publishers are looking for new ways by which they could connect with potential viewers and engage them in what they have to offer. Here are some advantages that you get to enjoy with branded content and why a brand is, therefore, looking for an established content with digital publishers and others.

It Is Not Invasive

Digital content could be of various types and one would be banner. Banners could cause blockage when it comes to navigation and content. And, this could be irritating for the viewer. Therefore digital content in story form of brand content Buzzfeed branded content case study would bring customers closer.

Creates Emotional Connection and a Potential to go Viral

Competent brand content would have an emotional impact on the audience. The various stories whether of the company or the loyal customers would help in generating more viewers that would potentially lead to the brand being remembered by all.

Brand contents are usually posted in a shareable format, therefore, increasing the excitement among customers. This often leads the content to be shared on social media. This creates a snowball effect that could be quite profitable for the brand.

Enhances the Brand Position

Instead of repeating a story, the insights for better branded content would help in creating an impact, the story that would be circulated would help in associating the values with the brand. Therefore a positive association would be linked with the brand in the mind of the customer. Also, it helps in increasing the loyalty of the customers and helps in increasing new users too.  They engage at a deeper level with the brand and later integrates themselves as customers.

A good branding content would bring larger traffic to your website with the potential to reach customers globally.

The On-Going Trends of Branded Content

  • Sophisticated branded studios help in generating more revenue. The digital publisher would be able to take on more assignments. From consulting to influencers marketing, all the fields would be ticked off.
  • Multi-dimensional editorial sponsorships are what is trending now. Publishers are finding new ways to incorporate brands into their editorial world.
  • Facebook has always been a go-to social media platform. But in recent times, the market is being taken up by storm by Instagram with influencers promoting the brand, and with so many tools, it is everything each brand wants to try out.

These are some factors why one needs brand content after the Buzzfeed branded content case study for a better understanding and how one could project the values of the brand to a larger group of people rather than going for traditional advertising.