Top 9 Collaboration Tools

Collaboration work, document sharing, e-mails and surveys, communication, resources. All our good ideas, coming from our experience of the associative world and good practices of startups are gathered in this guide!

This week, we begin by presenting the software that we think is useful for your collaboration work:

  1. ezTalks

Last, and at the same time the best collaborations tools for business is without doubt ezTalks. It has a huge list of interesting features to offer like the ability to add up to 100 participants, HD video and audio, unlimited cyclical meetings, live broadcasting through the browser, application, and desktop sharing, and a lot more that too free of cost. If however, you need to add more participants, up to 10, 000, something that other tools do not allow, you just need to opt for one of its paid versions.

  1. Office 365

Office 365 Office 365 is the new online version of the Microsoft Office suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, … You can access all these applications for free through the program for non-profit organizations , And you can share it with all your members.

For your association: Office software is efficient and easy to use, and thanks to the Cloud and its 1TB of storage, you can share your documents and work on several. Practical for managing your accounts or your users on Excel, your requests for grants on Word …

  1. Trello

Logo TrelloTrello is a way to visually organize all tasks for your different projects. For each task you create “cards” and indicate the team members who will take care of them, a due date, files, checklists … and each will move its maps according to their progress. The members of the association can interact very easily and you can keep an eye on their progress.

For your association : Trello will allow you to see where you are in your projects at a glance. It’s a tool we use a lot at AssoConnect. Easily accessible and ergonomic, it’s THE must-have of collaborationwork!

  1. Evernote

Logo EvernoteWe all have notes lying on our desk, on our computer … But finding them is always a hell. Evernote will structure it all! It is a note-taking space for all your associative projects. With Evernote’s search bar you can find any of your notes in no time at all.

For your association …: The notes taken can be easily shared with the rest of the association, so that each one brings his research and his ideas.

  1. Solid

Logo SolidSolid is a simple and intuitive web solution that allows you to easily prepare, manage and follow your meetings. Manage your videoconferences online, write real-time reports on the tool, and keep track of all your meetings.

For your association …: Within the same association, there is rapidly a lot of exchanges and meetings. This tool will allow you to find your way. Each member knows what his or her duties are upstream and downstream of the meeting.

  1. is the tool you need to easily organize your videoconferences and screenshots. The preparation of project meetings can be carried out simply and remotely. The strength of the tool, compared to other solutions such as Skype, lies in the fact that an application is not necessary: ​​recipients do not need to install anything on their computer, An Internet connection is sufficient.

For your association …: It is important to have a good video conferencing tool to carry out meetings remotely by being able to see his interlocutor. This is useful if you want to include a person outside the association without having to install anything, and only having a login link.

  1. Slack

Logo SlackSlack is a powerful internal communication tool. It allows you to fluidify the exchanges within your teams and to avoid cluttering the mailboxes of each one. Inspired by social networks, it is a collaboration tool allowing you to work together, in group and in real time, from your phone or your computer.

For your association …: To have a true space of exchange is essential within an association! With discussions in forum mode, you can promote interactions without losing a trace.

  1. Doodle

Doodle allows you to schedule meetings and appointments to invite participants to the site in the form of surveys. Convenient to organize your meetings or mobilize your volunteers for a hassle-free event. This free online service is easy to use, and does not require registration in advance. The solution is certainly a bit aging, but has no equal.

For your association : You do not know when to organize your association exit, you want to know the desires of each one … Doodle will allow you to have answers quickly and simply.

  1. Whaller

Whaller is a French service that allows you to create a working platform for your associative network. Federate your members without constraint of place or time and increase the involvement of all.

For your association …: Setting up a social network has many advantages: it strengthens the sense of belonging of your volunteers and members and creates an open and friendly space of exchange.

  1. Pearltrees

Pearltrees allows you to organize, explore and share digital content: web pages, files, photos or personal notes. Intuitively build your knowledge base and documents by theme or area of ​​action. A paid option allows you to make your content private.

A place to organize your content allows all your members to bring their finds, to potentially generate good ideas!