4 important considerations when choosing a reliable thread gauges supplier

In this demanding world of manufacturing, having the right threading tools is very crucial. Selection of a proper inspection instrument ensures quality in operation. Plus it also makes the task of threading easy and hassle-free. The smart way of securing your proper threading instrument is via a reputable thread gauges supplier.

As these threading tools are so widespread in the realm of heavy metal engineering and also fabricating, you will find no shortage of tools as well as its suppliers. But for new worker, there lies the problem. With every single one of them claiming to be quality –proven, it’s like an ordeal to figure out which one is the best from the rest. Worry not, here’s a post which explains the right way to go about it.

Finding the right Thread Gauges Supplier:

As online will give you a plethora of suppliers, let’s just skip the part of telling you to go an online search. It’s pretty obvious and even you know that. So rather than that, here’s how to separate the Best from the average and the substandard!

  1. Check for Standard tolerance and tools which abide Essential Thread Standards:

ISO, ASME, ANSI, DIN and BS are the popular metric standards that you need to check for. The best suppliers also present different threading tools for vivid operations.

  • ASME B-1.1-2003 which is the Unified Inch Screw (V- thread form)
  • ASME B1.5-1997 for ACME screw threads for trapezoidal formations
  • ANSI/ASME B1.9-1973 for buttress inch thread screws (Breech-Lock formation)

And more!

Notable suppliers will incorporate both Plug and ring thread gage having 6H and 6g of standard tolerances. Furthermore, if you want gages for specific pitch or size, you can lay down your requirement and avail special customizes manufacturing option.

  1. Stocks of Gages for Various Operations:

The best gauge suppliers will consist of a vast stack of ring and plug gauges. Whether its Metric thread gage – ACME-API-Whitworth or NPSM gages, they will prove to be your one stop solution.

Furthermore, the best agencies will also have GO and NO-GO RH and LH gages available for you to pick and choose.

  1. Quality and Durability of the Gauge:

Perfection in threading comes with quality pre-requisites. And so when browsing for quality service providers, you need to check the quality of the tools they have on offer.

Top agencies engineer their gages using high-grade raw materials namely tungsten, HSS steel and carbide raw materials.

Also, thorough inspection is undergone to inspect the external dimensions. Hard polishing to ensure adequate accuracy and impressive wearability is done. Plus as a final step, each of these gages as well as threading instruments go through 100 metrology testing in their environmental friendly ISO labs.

The best suppliers will share each of these details right on their official website and if you come across an agency as such, do make it a point to check it out first-up.

  1. On time delivery and numerous payment modes:

On time delivery and several online payment options namely credit/debit cards, PayPal, Western Union and more.


Also, check their years in this industry, their clients they have and the testimonials existing in their portal. These are some of the crucial aspects which you need to check when choosing a reliable thread gauges supplier. Keep these in mind and you will never go wrong!