Reviews and your Revenue

Online reputation management is a service that can help hide the negative internet content that is harmful to your brand. Using several techniques that work behind the scenes of search engines, a professional team can pinpoint the most harmful negative content on the web that is reaching your target audience and harming your bottom line. After figuring what the problems are, they work in tandem to ensure the visibility of said content is lowered, lowering the possibility of future clients ever seeing it.

Perhaps there has been a negative review written by an unhappy client that is visible on the first page of search engine results, right alongside your brand’s website. Or maybe one of your top level employees or investors has a past incident that is impacting your business’ bottom line. Maybe a journalist wrote a scathing review about your brand that got tons of visibility simply because of where it was posted, and not because it rings true. These are all instances of negative internet content that can affect your brand. However, these are all problems that have solutions.

While there may be no quick fix, there is definitely merit to an ongoing campaign that targets the root of the problem. Wherein the problem is that negative content about your brand has high visibility in search engine results, counteracting that with positive content, as well as creating more channels that lead to your page, will change search engine results over time. This means that clients, potential clients, and partners will no longer see the unfavourable content. Rather, they will be subjected to your personal website, and reviews, media pieces, and blogs that speak highly of your brand.

Another issue that often plagues brands are personal stories about employees or investors. Whether or not the story is relevant to your brand is not the issue. The issue is the negative connotations that derive from the negative content and the link with your company. With the nature of the internet and the connections that are easily, and quickly, made; One small blip in a person’s persona and your company can feel the effects. Let a team of online reputation managers work diligently to hide the negative press, therefore easing the burden it has left on your brand. 

Managing your brand is more important today than it was thirty some odd years ago, and the reaches of it can be felt more far and wide than ever before. Let the internet be a friend to your brand and reap the benefits of positive visibility!


Handling the Only Aspect that can Make or Break Your Business: Your Online Reputation

Search engine reputation management is the handling of all outside influences on your brand. Those include, but are not limited to; search engine results, positive reviews, negative reviews, and articles. Having a hand in what potential customers see about your brand is crucial when it comes to gaining traction with new consumers. If negative reviews or comments are visible on the same screen as your brand’s webpage or contact information, then a client is less likely to engage with you. However, with techniques that can eliminate the negative content visible on the first pages of search engine results, online reputation management is helping businesses grow and prosper.

If you are having a problem with finding new customers the issue might be search engine autocomplete options. If someone in your community (be it geographical or not) is searching for something you offer, but there are also several other competing companies who are very similar to you, then they may come up first. Search Reputation can work on the autocomplete form results that appear in search engines and can make it so that your brand’s name is what automatically completes the customer’s query. By having your brand’s name pop up before the customer even finishes typing what they’re looking for, the chances of them clicking the link that has been auto filled are very high. This will definitely increase the traffic to your website or to your actual site.

Leaving your online reputation to handle itself is not a good strategy in today’s world. You may have the best product, the best customer service, and loyal customers – but your competitor is working hard on ensuring that their brand’s name is highly visible, and this makes all the difference. You could lose out on a lot of new business opportunities simply because another company worked diligently to improve their chances of being found by new audiences. An online reputation management team can do this for you, continually monitoring to ensure that your brand is visible online.

One bad review can really impact your bottom line as customers can easily view them on the internet, and then share the newfound information with their networks. Another advantage of working with a team that specializes in online reputation management is that they can increase the positive reviews and content visible online, enhancing search engine results for your brand.