Just How Much Companies Are Willing To Pay For SEO

Remove reviews from Google has been an area of services an increasing number of businesses are looking to get help with. Although it is not advisable to remove negative reviews, it can end up hurting your bottom line depending on the severity of the comment. The best course of action is to quickly reply to the person who posted the comment by trying to remedy the situation. The fact is that if you remain inactive towards what they said, they will never even consider doing business with you in the future. Now that you are starting a dialogue and are truly sorry about what happened, they will think of returning as a customer. It even looks good for potential customers. Since a review will stay online forever, it is possible people will come across what was said. If they see you really tried to do something about it, they know they will not be wronged by your business.

Another good way for the public to get to know you better is through content curation. Organic traffic is key to know just how well your article did. But most companies do not have a clear strategy on content creation; they just create content just for the sake of it since that it what everyone else is doing. The amount of money companies are spending on content has increased significantly over the last few years. It is currently estimated at about $135 billion a year on content alone. It is good to know just how well this investment is impacting your business. The best combination is having your SEO teamwork closely with your content writers to get the best bang for your buck.

The best metrics to keep your eye on according to marketers are organic traffic, leads, social engagement, time spent on site, revenue and transactions. The best combination for talent is ones where people know how to do SEO and write content. Jobs in SEO in the past five years have increased, meaning there is more demand; so have their salaries. With this many SEO positions available there are content jobs available too. The top cities to find SEO and content marketing jobs are New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Boston. Instead of companies wanting to hire SEO specialists, it is becoming more of a skill with digital marketers are expected to have.