What Kind of Services do Proposal Writing Companies Offer?

The Government is the largest buyer in the United States, and they use Federal Contract as the main tool to acquire services and goods from vendor businesses of all sizes.

Companies participating in the Federal marketplace need to be prepared, understand well the procedures, and be able to submit a persuasive solution. Many businesses, no matter the size or level, choose to get professional help in order to improve the quality of their competition.  There are many proposal writing firms capable of producing irresistible products, and you can count on them to respond properly to an RFP.

Although services offered vary depending on the firm, most of them comprise:

Business Development Management

This service is provided by highly professional business experts who will analyze your capabilities and develop a unique winning strategy for you. They will implement sophisticated techniques to secure resources, determine how you’ll make your offer to the buyer (Federal agency), and ultimately guide to make the right decision.

Bid/No Bid Decision

One of the first steps that have a decisive impact in your P-Win is the right decision to bid or not to bid for a contract. Experienced firms have the knowledge and the ability to weigh your potential of win; therefore, they’ll guide into making the decision based on a realistic assessment. The most common practices to understand your winning chances are:

  • Bid/No Bid Matrix
  • Bid/No Bid Checklist

Capture Management

Once you’ve decided to pursue a Federal business opportunity, you need to prepare in order to gain competitive advantage. This is probably the most important process of proposal preparation. In this phase, you must conduct intelligence assessments, gather data about everything that concerns and influences the result of your project. Here you qualify your leads, establish relationships with your customer and determine the key points you should focus your solution while writing the proposal.  The process includes capture:

  • Consulting
  • Planning

Proposal Development 

Finally, we’ve arrived at the final step. However, it’s a very big step. It’s time to put to work everything you have collected from your research, resources and start planning the content and the solution you’re going to give to the problem issued in the final RFP solicitation. This is a service that requires extensive expertise, excellent writing skills in order to create a compelling and convincing proposal. Analytic/critical thinking is also necessary in order to review the proposal from the perspective of evaluators/decision makers.

  • Consulting
  • Writing
  • Review