What does the future hold for lift design and engineering?

The future for lift design and engineering is bright. There has already been a breakthrough in lift technology so how can they possibly get any better?

Platform lifts are commonly used in the home and the workplace to enhance the overall accessibility for wheelchair users. They are an easy addition to make to any business and property size and allow you to comply with the Equality Act 2010.

Here’s how lift design and engineering is set to improve:


The open vertical platform lift is supplied by Level Access Lifts to suit a wide variety of businesses, either public or private but can also be designed to fit perfectly in the home.

Future developments will foresee these lifts being used for increasingly more applications and suiting, even more, needs and requirements.

Speed and performance.

Open vertical platform lifts are designed to provide wheelchair users with an ideal solution for getting up and downstairs easily. Although they are not designed to provide quick transportation for wheelchair users, they operate efficiently, reducing the need for users to climb out of their wheelchair.

You can expect the platform lift to be developed in generations to come, operating at faster speeds without compromising safety. In terms of performance, the platform lift already offer high performance but this is predicted to be enhanced, even more, providing a more reliable way for wheelchair users to access various levels independently.

Technological developments.

The future holds many new and innovative challenges for lift design and lift engineering, take the open vertical platform lifts for instance. These lifts are ideal for an array of needs and requirements, offering suitability for light and heavy-duty applications. Level Access Lifts provide these platform lifts to suit the size and style of any property, ensuring that they look professional and make no compromise to functionality.

The vertical platform lifts have already progressed rapidly, it’s likely that you’ll be able to tailor these more specifically to suit your unique demands with regards to style and design.


The vertical platform lifts from Level Access Lifts are ideal for transporting customers/residents from A to B. They eliminate any discomfort and the need for them to be assisted up a set of stairs. The Level Access lifts are perfect for providing everyone with equal opportunity and accessibility.

The lift design is set to provide added comfort, enabling wheelchair users to restore their independence and access the same areas as those without disabilities.


The design of the platform lifts is simple. Where safety is a priority, the design often takes a backseat, however, in future generations, the design of the lifts is predicted to improve and be more creative.

You’ll be able to make the platform lift the centrepiece of your home or business, ensuring that your facilities are not only practical but cutting edge too!

Magnetic Levitation.

Lift design and engineering are expected to improve dramatically in years to come, incorporating frictionless technology. The magnetic levitation can be used to enhance the overall performance of the vertical platform lifts.

In addition to this, the magnetic levitation is designed to make platform lifts safer and more user-friendly but to also offer high efficiency.

Platform lifts are already designed to be high-performing and reliable, and with future developments, you can only expect the lift design to be improved significantly!

Check out the range of platform lifts available from Level Access Lifts today!