Let Free Accounting Software Maintain Flawless Financial Transactions

It is essential for any organization to maintain an accounting software application for secure recording of every financial or business transaction. The majority of Cloud-based accounting applications are available in exchange of monthly, quarterly or yearly subscriptions. These accounting programs are available through reliable IT support providers such as The micro or small businesses or non-profit organizations may not be able to pay this subscription fee. The free accounting software programs can track and maintain financial transactions of any organization without any charge.


This on-premise accounting software is a worthy substitute for reputed online accounting applications. This open-source software is suitable for basic accounting with adequate security features. TurboCASH is a single-user application and is suitable for smaller networks. This software can run on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. It can keep track of accounts payables and receivables, create invoice, automate bills and process credit cards. This software application can offer functional and reliable support to every businessperson.

Invoice Expert Lite

The Expert Lite is the free-version of Invoice Expert online accounting software. The salient features of Lite edition are – inventory control, quoting, invoicing, maintaining tax settings and payment history. This application includes many other essential accounting features. The suppliers of Invoice Expert also offer technical support to sort out any problem with the software.


This free accounting application is functional on Linux, Mac or Windows operating systems. GnuCash can perform flawless financial calculations and maintain records of every transaction. This accounting software has the ability to account for multiple currencies. It has a double entry system for accounting and bookkeeping. Hence, every business transaction with GnuCash involves two accounts. The service-providers offer excellent technical support through Team Chat and stay updated regarding complaints through Bug Reports.

BS1 General Ledger

This premium-quality business software also offers double-entry accounting facility. This software is capable of tracking inbound and outbound financial transactions. It generates balance sheets and presents detailed reports of business transactions. This software does not work on the Excel medium during reporting. This feature may seem problematic to some business-owners.


The appearance of this accounting software may seem simple, but it ships with many useful features. The standard features of this software include profit/loss tracking, invoice generation, expense tracking, balance sheet generation and tracking of bank accounts. This application is only functional on previous/updated versions of Windows OS.

Adminsoft Accounts

This free accounting software has taken customer-support to the next level. It has an instructional video on YouTube describing the functions of this software’s essential features. This detailed support channel is unavailable with majority of free accounting programs. The exclusive features of this software include HR and Payroll management systems. This application is useful for the generation of invoice, statements and financial reports. This system essentially runs on any Windows OS. It is also capable of running on Mac with Windows Emulator.

xTuple PostBooks

This exclusive software comes with the features necessary for Accounting, Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning. Its standard accounting features include creation of general ledger, tracking of account payables and receivables and maintaining bank reconciliation. The CRM and ERP features let the software maintain address books and vendor lists. The free version of this advance software is a single-user application.