What is salary sacrifice car loan?

For a normal or average salaried person, it is very difficult to own a car at full cost. But it is not a difficult thing now as you can now lease a car at very cheap and effective rate under novated lease by sacrificing your salarySalary sacrifice car loan at Leasexpress is the smartest way to financing and purchasing a new car. You may think that financing may create a problem but finance is a practical selection. Finance is a very simple process and uncomplicated, too. In salary sacrificing car loan, you have to sacrifice your salary package on a monthly basis. Don’t be negative about it: you are actually saving a part of your money.

Who can sacrifice their salary?

Almost everyone who is getting their income on regular basis can get the car loan by sacrificing their salary. For the government employees, they are already qualified to get a car loan and can arrange a novated lease. And for the employees working in the private sector, they can arrange their lease through savings.

Salary sacrifice car loan via Leasexpress

Just select your ideal car of your selection and Leasexpress will arrange novated lease for purchasing car. The lease will be paid back through your salary after deducting the amount of your tax; this will reduce your income tax.

Benefits of salary packaging

Leasexpress will offer you with very economic finance for leasing car loan by sacrificing your salary. At very low cost and regular maintenance and services, you will get your ideal car of your choice. If you encounter any issue with your vehicle, just contact them with your query and they will revert you with every possible solution within 24 hours.

The maintenance and servicing include the full car body part checkup including brakes, electric defects etc. at very low cost.

Benefits for you

  • Free from tax duty charges
  • No GST
  • You can choose your car according to your choice