Situational Awareness Is Honorable In For Honor

Situational Awareness Is Honorable In For Honor

For Honor, multiplayer Dark Souls simulator of 2017, has created an impressive battlefield for PVP lovers across the internet. What could be more fun than beating the crap out of each other as Vikings, Knights, or Samurai? Well, not sucking, for one. Ranking up can be tough, but a bit of careful, real life advice can help you understand the game and your enemy greater than ever before.

Watch Every Loss

The mass population of gamers just log on to play the game in any random way. They may develop techniques or get used to the way others perform, but few gamers build a true philosophy around their gameplay.

Instead of building your subconscious reaction or reaction-based skills, making a conscious note of patterns can help you control the tide of battle. Instead of showing up with blades swinging and clubs bashing, you can learn a lot about players by watching them do the same thing.

As players enter the battlefield, look at their first actions. Watch for patterns, openings, and tells that stand out more than the digital game shows. If a certain player always rushes forward or executes a few tricky moves, what kind of timing can you use to get around it?

This is what actual skill and strategy comes from. It’s not about going to YouTube and figuring out advanced techniques or getting new items. True skill is both external research and your own observations that burn into your mind through experience.

Bot for Original Research

You can only get so much information from the videos that others bother to upload. To get some real gaming feedback, have you considered an alt account with a bot? has a botting and advantage system, located at that can work wonders for your research and passive performance. Give them a visit and check out what they have to offer. Get in the game and get a strategic advantage with any tools you can use.

A bot running while you get other things done can give you valuable information on how people react when you’re too busy to play. The game changes a bit when your style is replaced by a bot, but you can still research certain player actions and game system reactions without being occupied by pressing buttons.

Botting can be used for the main account as well. If you’d like to simply gain participation points while multitasking, it can be done while you gather the evidence you need. It all depends on your personal comfort level.

Multiple accounts can even help you play both sides of the field if you’re lucky. If not using a bot as a decoy can help you set a trap while having control of the trap, and you could even increase your skills as a multiboxer.

Multiboxing takes some effort, but you don’t necessarily need to defeat the world top players as a multiboxer. Keeping newbies and average players at bay alone can be pretty fun! Especially if you’re trying to make gameplay videos of different combat angles.

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