Sell Life Contingent Annuity Without Hassles – Here Is How

Are you planning to sell life contingent structured settlement for good cash? Indeed, a great start by dropping into! Our brilliant team of experts will help you wrap up a safe and secure transaction, rewarding you with good money. To realize what these life contingent settlements are worth, it is imperative that the settlement buyer is an ace with ample knowledge and experience on how these transactions are carried out successfully. Luckily, Corona Capital is a one-stop solution for all your cash needs. Managed by a team of crackerjack professionals with immense experience on how the funding thing works, you will be guided to clinch a good deal when choosing to sell structured settlement.

Before shedding limelight on why Corona Capital Group stands out as one of the best picks, let’s quickly get schooled about structured settlement payout options first. Little did you know that structured settlement allows you choose from two very different payment options. These are:

  1. a) Guaranteed Payments – Headed by certified insurance companies, this is a much safer bet. Payments you are supposed to bag in will continue whether you exist or not. This implies – in circumstances when you no longer survive, your beneficiaries will still be receiving monthly paychecks.
  2. b) Life Contingent Payment – Describing this as a non-guaranteed payment mode would be accurate. Contra-distinct to the above option, the insurer company here shells out paychecks as long as the beneficiary is living. Obviously, in circumstances of death, no trustees or heirs will receive a dime when the payment comes due. There are loops to stay benefited from such options too. If a factoring company trades off a life insurance policy as a mode of protection when settlements are transferred, payments can be still be received.

Corona Capital instantly comes into aid when planning to sell life contingent structured settlement. It starts by securing the transaction with a Universal Life Insurance Policy. Once the insurance is issued and activated, it will be pledged to the assignee or investor immediately. Queries about the amount of insurance needed is surely popping up in your brains, right? Well, the insurance amount primarily depends on a few factors:

– Annuitant’s health and age

– Calculating the ideal amount of coverage the transaction needs to be labeled secure.

The whole purpose of providing an insurance is to safeguard an investor’s interest for the time-period until the payments are completely sold.

Processes to sell life contingent annuity is easier done than thought. Start by requesting quotes from the company’s representatives. A life insurance agent will work just fine too. As a standard measure, you will be provided with a basic questionnaire (life insurance based). Every nitty-gritty, from your health to the last annuity payment processed will be requested. This helps the company to get a clear idea of how and ways to proceed with the transaction. Once approved by the life insurance agent, the annuitant will be asked to fill out the mandatory application and sign it. Preliminary medical exams will be conducted like measuring body weight and blood pressure, doing some blood tests and analyzing urine samples. The lab reports are conveyed to insurance underwriters who finally analyses the risks involved and has a final call on whether the company must issue life insurance for the annuitant or not.

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