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Profit from the price of oil with Badash investments

You will have read in the past few days that the price of WTI oil for May 2020 delivery has dropped to levels never seen before and at one short brief period even dropped below zero to become negative. At the moment of writing, even June deliveries are collapsing. The stock market, which had been on an upward trajectory since the mid March crash due to the Coronavirus lockdowns both in the EU and the US, have been pulled down together with oil.

Once again, panic could set into the markets and only the best traders will be able to profit. Badash Investments is looking forward to the next few weeks as it brings opportunity and will show who knows how to read market sentiment.

These wild price swings, both in stocks, cryptocurrencies, and commodities have been the earmark of worldwide markets and economies during the COVID-19 pandemic. Analysts are already asking whether the recession will be V, U or even L-shaped. The forces fueling the oil bust are stinging investors anew and making traders worried as they watch the evening news.

Although most onlookers see this as a risky period and are not willing to trade in this market, we at Badash Investments welcome this time in order to profit thanks to our proven investment course and candlesticks training methods.

Project determines position

Thanks to our investment models, our team at Badash investments was very well positioned to profit from the pending drop in oil prices.

Because of the disappearing need for oil and storage worldwide filling up, it became clear that the price of WTI oil was about to drop significantly. Our model, as shown in our Badash investments course, positioned us for the best possible time to start shorting the oil market. We even sold and retook position at various intervals in order to maximize profit.

History of candlesticks

Our Badash investments course will explain to you what the Japanese rice traders learned when they started marking the price differences for rice in the form of candles. Thanks to hundreds of years of experience, they identified various signals in the market and learned how to profit from it.

Badash investments course will explain to you how to read candlesticks, why they are such a good indicator of market sentiment and how you can profit from knowing when the market signals that a change is about to happen.

Candlesticks trading depictions are simply the graphic depiction of fear and greed. As soon as you know when traders are in fear mode and when they are turning to greed mode, you can (and should) profit from it. We will teach you that a simple candlesticks graph and analysis is all you need to earn money in these markets.

Oil investments

The Badash oil investments group is already projecting what oil will do over the course of the next few days, weeks and months and we are ready to teach you how to profit thanks to our investments course. If you want to know what their models are telling them, learn more in our website

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