Ninja Tips for Choosing the Perfect Spot on the Floor

Location is one of the most important aspects when it comes to getting your booth flooded with attendees during events. Most exhibitors, however, do not know how to select the best spots, which will guarantee them with an endless flow of traffic once the doors to the event open. Here are some ninja tips you can use to get prime spots for maximum exposure on the floor:

Get them while they are fresh

When the show floor opens, the attendees are usually alert, refreshed and happy to be there. This is the right time to get their attention and this can happen when exhibiting close to the traditional hall entrances. At such positions, the attendees will not just be in a great position to see your booth, but will also have a memorable experience with your brand.

Don’t set up near competition

You may think it is a good idea to set up your exhibition booth near your competition, with the hope that you may appear more attractive to the attendees than competitors. However, this is not advisable because your competition may not just be stronger than you and outdo you on the floor, but also, the attendees will have an option to not consider your brand because the competition is just close by. It is vital to set up away from competition so that you become the only solution provider when attendees visit your booth. You don’t give them room to wander away.


Inquire with the show manager before the event

This is the easiest way to get a sweet spot on the floor during events. Although, you should be mindful that managers are also being contacted by other exhibitors concerning the same thing, and in order to beat the competition at this game, be sure to get in touch as early as possible to have your spot reserved before others snatch it away from you.

Avoid the bathrooms

Some people think that exhibiting close torestrooms is a good idea due to the high traffic. But time and time again, this has proven not to be true because: one, when people go to the bathroom, they don’t have your products or services in mind and two, the bathroom may not create the right ambience and may actually act as a deterrent to generating interest in your products or services.

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