Implementing Business Agility with Participation

Business Agility

One of the biggest problems is that well-trained employees are expected to only carry out orders. They are never asked for their opinion. This is mainly because managers are extremely overwhelmed by the speed of change and complexity.

Today, it is too complicated to know the desired result in detail. This is because of the fast-changing market. By the time, we determine the outcome; the market would have changed in such a way that it would need a new analysis.

Business agility could be a solution to this problem. It allows you to make developments, faster changes, and innovations. It is also more flexible, and employee-oriented.

But when trying to implement agility in Germany, you must always consider the rights of the worker’s council or Mitbestimmung. The best thing to do is to involve them in your thinking and make them agree with it.

Business Agility

Agility can be referred to as the new tool of the digital era. In this fast-changing world, it wants to replace the traditional hierarchical systems with a new one.

Self-organisations should replace traditional hierarchical structures. That’s because self-organisation teams are the core of agility.

Even if all companies deal with agility, it is not the answer to all project-related or organisational questions in a company. There will still be tasks, areas, and topics where you must implement the waterfall method.

If you as a manager or employee cannot accept agility, you should switch to an area that promises more predictability and stability.

Greater Satisfaction through Increased Scope For Creativity

The agile methods come with various advantages for employees. It gives them greater self-determination in terms of choice and content.

If you assume agility to be a group playground without controls and superiors, then you are wrong. The new methodologies, structures, and formats lead to focussed work in a social context. In this case, the performance assurance is shifted to the team which leads to a high level of transparency.

The priority of the companies is the ability to react quickly to the fast market changes in this digital era. They are required to meet opportunities with creative and innovative ideas.

To remain successful in this world of cut-throat competition is enough reason to introduce agility. Companies adopting business agility can benefit themselves in many different ways. It abolishes the Taylorist way of working that comes with various limitations.

From the above discussion, we know that introducing agility in the business world can be beneficial for everyone including employees.

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