How to Attract Quality C-level Applicants To A Business

Finding the right individual for top C-level positions your merchant acquiring company, whether it be a CEO, a COO, or a CFO, can often be challenging. There is a lot more that goes into these hires and it is a much different method than hiring lower level positions.

If you hire someone in the lower-level position and it does not work out, it is easy to part ways with that employee, head to the job boards, and start the hiring procedure all over again.

However, when it comes to hiring top C-level talent during the merchant acquiring staffing process, it is more complicated and in-depth. You are looking for someone that will be making decisions to shape your company for years to come. As a result, it is imperative you and your company take the time to methodically select a candidate that will help move your payments company in a positive direction.

After working in the business of helping to match C-level candidates with companies working in the merchant acquiring industry, such as Worldpay, there are a few trends tend to play a role in helping your business expand from being an average company to a great company.

Often, making a few simple changes can make a world of difference.  If you and your company are struggling to attract top C-level talent during the merchant acquiring, or payments recruiting method, there are a few changes or frequently asked questions that can be made to appeal to these top-level positions to help your company grow.

1. A Reputable Employer Brand

  1. a) Probably the best way to attract C-level talent is by effective branding. A survey on LinkedIn of over 25,000 people showed the main reason potential job-seekers do not apply to a position is because they do not know enough about the company or the job.
  2. b) In another study conducted by Entrepreneur magazine, over 100 executives and HR professionals were surveyed for a Brademix report on their opinions on employer branding. A staggering 80{4348bc372134b33f547a4abc8ca54ec2607be38c3666d40c870df9bbc4170cc9} said they believed branding was very effective.

A Good Company Culture

  1. a) When it comes to hiring a top-level candidate during the merchant acquiring recruiting process, it is important to showcase a positive company culture. So much of job satisfaction comes from creating a positive work environment that makes people look forward to going to work every day.  It is essential you express an accurate portrayal of what the day-to-day life in your company is all about to see if the potential candidate would be a good fit. Potential candidates want to see a company in which they can grow alongside.

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