How much time you can save by becoming a faster typist

typing lessons for beginners

typing lessons for beginners

Typing is not always easy some type with two hands but with fewer fingers and some with only one hand, which takes up a whole lot of time. To get the right technique to type fast; there are a few lessons to learn that will help you type fast and save time. You can save a lot of time if you practice the typing lessons and some of the typing lessons for beginners are the following.

Typing lessons

There are a few lessons that can increase your typing speed and these tricks can save a lot of time by doing your typing work faster. The first lesson is to get the right finger positioning when you start to type. Placing your fingers on the letter F and J in the middle of the keyboard will give you access to the rest of the keys easily. In addition to this, the letters have a mark or a little bump on the keys that allow you to find the keys quickly and come back to these keys.

The second lesson is also finger positioning but has more details to it. Once you place, your index fingers on the letter F and J align the rest of your fingers to the letters behind it. This way you have covered the entire middle row of your keyboard. This position allows you flexibility and you can reach out to other keys without disrupting your finger orientation.

Third lesson when you have practiced the first two lessons long enough and when you can type without looking at the keyboard. There are sure to be many errors at first but after enough practice, you can type at a faster rate.

Finally, your lessons are complete with a tip for fast typing that is posture. With the right posture, it will give you the ease to type fast and you will be comfortable and not strain yourself.

How much time you can save

After all lessons the question comes in how much time can, you save by becoming a fast typist. People who type with two fingers are able to type 10 to 15 minutes per minute and after this lesson, you will be able to able to type at an even faster speed. After you practicing and learning to type fast, you will be able to type 45 words per minute, which is two times more.

In the case of working for long hours when you are typing for around nine hours with these writing lessons, you can type easily in six hours and this improves your typing speed, which is triple of what you used to type.

Summing up 

Typing lessons come a long way to improving your speed and this consumes very little time. With lots of practice and the right technique, you can save a lot of time and become a great typist

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