Five Things Good Bosses Never Forget to Communicate to Their Employees

Being a good boss means that you treat all your employees in a fair and equal manner. Like any healthy relationship, a good boss-employer relationship rests is built on a foundation of good communication. Here are five things good bosses never forget to communicate to their employees.

1. What They Expect From Them

You can’t possibly expect to get the performances you desire from your employees if you’re at all vague about what they should do. While their job duties might be laid out rather clearly, they might not be sure how you want them to perform. You might think it doesn’t matter, but we all have our own personal preferences for how things are accomplished. Be sure to be as upfront with your employees as possible and make sure that your demands aren’t unreasonable. Also, tell them to speak up if they have any questions or issues with any of your demands.

2. When You Need Things Done

As a boss, you have a great number of tasks to accomplish, which is why you have employees. However, employees tend to have to juggle their workloads, which can put a great deal of stress on them. When you assign them duties, you need to be clear about deadlines. Make sure you aren’t setting deadlines too close and staying in communication with your employees about the progress of their various projects. That way, if something should go wrong, it won’t catch you completely off guard.

3. How They Should Conduct Themselves in the Workplace

While you shouldn’t be overly restrictive, the workplace is first and foremost a place of business, and you have every right to lay out your expectations for how your employees act. This means you should be clear about your guidelines for dress, topics of discussion and penalties for various transgressions. If somebody is acting in a way that violates your policy, don’t embarrass them. Instead, speak with them privately and tactfully and explain how what they did was wrong and that you need them to not repeat it.

4. When They Need to Fix Something

Some bosses hate to seem difficult, which means they hesitate to criticize. However, if you aren’t willing to speak up when something needs adjustment, you’re not doing your job as a boss. Don’t act like you’re absolutely infallible if your employees don’t do things quite up to your standards. Be sure to offer them proper constructive criticism and encouragement.

5. That They’re Appreciated

A boss without employees is just a person. To be a great leader, you need to have people to lead. You might find yourself nitpicking what your employees could be doing better to the point that you don’t notice what they’re doing right. Why? Because it can be hard to notice all the things that go right all the time. Take time during the workday to notice how smooth things are running and be sure to tell your employees how much you value them.

Great communication

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