Coinbanks Review – How It Works

Bitcoin trading with CoinBanks offers a number of advantages to its clients. The platform is accepted by traders because of its simplicity, security and ability to deliver good returns with less risk involved. Let’s check out the features of the platform that make it different from those already operating in the trading industry.

  • Cryptocurrency investment is managed and maintained by professional traders
  • The CoinBanks delivers private, safe and secure encryption system to ensure client safety and avoid any sort of fraudulent activity
  • Bitcoin professionals offer managed account for potential traders
  • The platform allows to fund an account in just five minutes
  • PAMM Accounts offered by CoinBanks are designed to meet client requirements
  • CoinBanks has introduced the HFT or high frequency trading for the first time in the trading industry
  • The platform allows its clients to track their account progress and status in real time without any error

Modes of Payment

Funding a trading account should be easy for a trader so that he can continue trading online without any disruptions. CoinBanks accept funds from a number of renowned payment options available in today’s world. These include the following:

  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Bitcoin
  • ACH Payment
  • Wire Transfer

So a trader can opt to choose any of these payment options to fund his CoinBanks account for uninterrupted trading activities.

Percent Allocation Management Module Account (PAMM)

CoinBanks has introduced PAMM account, a way for individual traders to sensibly choose their money managers to carry out forex trading. A trader having a PAMM account has nominal involvement and earn profits. On the contrary side, the PAMM account holder may also face the risk of capital loss. However, the ratio of profit and loss depends upon the experience of account manager or how the trades are being carried out under given circumstances. So CoinBanks suggests its clients to carefully select their money managers.

The reason why CoinBanks has launched PAMM account is that it involves less risk while earning income through online trading.

Selecting the best PAMM Account with CoinBanks

CoinBanks looks to be pretty conscious about choosing the right PAMM account. That’s the reason why the platform has provided instructions on selecting the best PAMM account. The number of available PAMM accounts and their features have been described so that a trader can better decide the correct one as per his needs. The account types include Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and VIP. Each of these has its own functionalities and investment plans. A trader can seek help from his account manager to get assistance for the optimum account selection. CoinBanks facilitates all potential traders to gain proper knowledge from professional managers and come up with a desirable selection.

PAMM account can be filtered by their age which is one of the most significant criterions of the selection. CoinBanks recommend considering accounts that are aged no less than six months.

How CoinBanks’ PAMM Account Operate?

The CoinBanks PAMM account is a dedicated investment service that offers investors the opportunity to earn money online without trading with Forex. It also allow account managers to make an extra amount of money for the management of client accounts. General a PAMM account manager opens an account and invests a specific amount of his capital, also recognized as manager’s capital. He will not be in a position to withdraw this amount of money. Afterwards, a portfolio is created by the manager in which he mentions the terms and conditions for the participating investors. Normally this contains the percentage share that investors will pay the manager in compensation.

Investors select the best PAMM account by analyzing their ratings. After this, the PAMM account manager begins trading using the funds of the investors and his personal capital. The manager shares as per the agreed percentage if there happens a loss or profit. The CoinBanks allow to open PAMM accounts with a minimum investment of $2000 to a maximum of $250000. The amount of investment varies depending upon the types of PAMM accounts.

CoinBanks and Cryptocurrencies

CoinBanks not just deal in bitcoin, but also in several other crypto currencies and digital currencies. Funds deposited into CoinBanks can be used to trade all kind of digital currencies. A trader doesn’t need to open a separate account for each type of cryptocurrency. One account is enough to trade multiple cryptocurrencies. CoinBanks opens full menu to make the process simple for traders.

Bitcoin trading is generally the most common form of online digital currency trading at CoinBanks, but it doesn’t mean that the range of currencies is restricted to just bitcoin. A trader can opt to trade in any cryptocurrency after getting necessary information about the trading process.

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