Reopening Bars & Restaurants After COVID 19 – Know the musts!

Ever since the inception of the pandemic, businesses have been closed and people have been advised to self-isolate. Now that it has been over 2 months, countries across the world are easing the restrictions to let the economy fire back up. This doesn’t mean that Covid-19 is gone. It simply means that we will have to learn how to co-exist with the virus.

One of the recent reopenings that have been started is of bars and restaurants. But, is it safe to go now? And, what kind of precautions do the owners and the customers have to take?

For the owners

If you are a restaurant owner who is just reopening their business, there are a few precautionary steps that you need to abide by without fail. Some of them include:

  • Get thermal screen equipment for the employees and the customers like a temperature scanner. Make it mandatory
  • Make wearing masks mandatory for employees and customers
  • Avoid letting anyone who is sick and is showing symptoms of cold and cough or fever
  • Sanitise the entire restaurant now and then, multiple times during the day
  • Focus more on allowing pick-ups and takeaway instead of dining in
  • Station someone outside the restaurant who would check the temperatures before entering

For the customers

If you want to do your part in helping some of the local businesses to get their revenue back up, you must take some precautions too. This will ensure not just your safety but your community’s safety as well. Some of them include:

  • Wear masks when out and about, even if you are using a drive-through to pick up your order
  • Carry alcohol-based hand-sanitizers to sanitise your hand in case you come in contact with a stranger
  • Opt for driveways or pick up instead of sitting and eating out to prevent getting checked by a thermometer or scanner
  • Cooperate with the rules and regulations that have been introduced by the owners
  • Be patient about the order because the restaurants might have reduced workforce and might be taking more precaution to get your order ready

Reopening of restaurants and bars doesn’t mean things are back to normal. You still need to be cautious and practice social distancing and wear masks when outside of your home. You must realise the seriousness of the issue and the condition and take the necessary precautions to enjoy some delicious takeout occasionally. If you can, support local businesses because they’ll need it more at this point.


How Corporate Secretarial Services Can Help You

Many businesses often need corporate secretarial services. These services can help businesses conquer tasks, have smoother client relations and just make the overall business operations run smoothly. Here are several ways corporate secretarial services can help you and your business.

Prepare Documents

Most businesses have a lot of documents that need to be created. Unfortunately, not all of them have the manpower to do so. This is where corporate secretarial services can help. They can prepare these documents and distribute them if need be. If you are need of a corporate document or just a standard one, they can draft that for you. They are also available to proofread documents if you are just in need of a second pair of eyes to scan them and look for errors. No matter what you are in need of as far as documents go, corporate secretarial services can help you.

Make Phone Calls on Your Behalf

Anyone who owns a business can tell you that there are often a lot of phone calls to make. You simply may not have enough time in your day to make all of these phone calls. Fortunately, an individual that provides corporate secretarial services can help you. They can call clients to resolve issues, make calls to suppliers or call vendors for you. By having them make phone calls it can free up a lot of time for you that you can use to do other things for your business. You might be surprised to find how much smoother your day goes if you aren’t bogged down by making a bunch of phone calls.

Arrange Meetings

It can be difficult to arrange meetings. You need to be in contact with all parties involved and try to figure out a time that doesn’t conflict with anyone’s schedule. Instead of running around trying to figure all of this out, you might just be in need of corporate secretarial services. They can help arrange these meeting for you. They will be in contact with all of the parties that need to be at the meeting, find a time that suits everyone, then make arrangements for an appropriate place for everyone to meet at.

Manage Your Social Media Pages

Many businesses have social media pages that need to be managed. In order to keep your followers engaged you to have to post on these pages often. If you just don’t have the time to do so you may find that it’s impossible to keep up with all of your pages. Corporate secretarial services would be very beneficial in this area. They could draft and schedule posts, answer any questions that individuals have and come up with ways to keep their audience engaged.

As you can see, there are many ways that corporate secretarial services can help you. If you are finding yourself without enough time to get everything done in your office, consider trying these services today. In no time at all, you will see just how beneficial that they can be.


The Benefits Companies Gain Out Of Self-Inking Stamp

If you sit to think, when was the last time that you sat to stamp with a traditional stamp, you probably will not be able to remember when! With everything new being invented every other day, there have been so many changes noticed in the area of rubber stamps too.

The corporate world uses self inking stamp and they make work stress and mess free. They can also get easily customized and used conveniently. There are several advantages you gain through these rubber stamps and a few of them have been mentioned below:

You stay safe from all kinds of Accidental Spills

We all agree with this fact that, one of the chief issues that almost all of us faced with traditional stamps was ink spillages. But you stay free from all kinds of mess when it comes to self inking customized stamps. They are the modern day stamping tool. Also the ink pads are safe inside and you get clear and best quality ink.

You no more have to carry a separate ink pad

You get a flotilla of self inking options and this ensures that you do not have to carry inkpads separately anymore. These stamps conveniently incorporate ink pads in it. This is why they are becoming the most in demand stamping tool of almost every business today.

Available in a repertoire of possibilities

These rubber stamps tend to be quite flexible and expedient for the user. You can get it easily customized into any form or shape of your need. This is again one very crucial point which was not accessible back in the day when people had to use traditional stamps. Hence it can get tailored easily.

It provides a much enhanced impression

Rubber stamps that are self inked are high on quality and hence it stands way ahead from its contenders. We definitely are grateful to changing technology which has made things easier and faster to cope with. These stamps give a great impression when the product gets delivered. With advanced technology the impression that you attain from these stamps are no less than printer quality impression.


Common Costs that the First-Time Homebuyers tend to forget

One of the best and exciting tasks that every individual go through is buying their very first home. This is the most nerve-wracking experience that a person ever has. The first-time homebuyers are many times taken aback by the selling price of a particular house, and they keep on thinking as to what it is going to cost them in order to purchase the house. Owning a home comes with a lot of prices that should not be disregarded at all. It is important to plan the finance smartly, and also keep in consideration all extra costs of buying a home. This helps in giving an immense satisfaction to the homeowner when he turns the keys of the front door of his house for the first time.

Overlooked Costs

There are a number of costs that the homeowners overlook when buying their very first home. Listed below are few of the overlooked costs that the first-time homebuyers have.

  • Home Insurance: The insurance for homeowners is mandatory along with the available loans in case of the people who are buying homes for the first time. This is why it is necessary to get hold of an insurance agent right after you come across the dream house of your choice. Insurance generally cover the repairs of the home being damaged in fire, disasters or even if the pipes of your home burst. You have to keep in mind that if the house that you have purchased in an area that is prone to flood, then you have to purchase the flood insurance separately.
  • Mortgage Insurance: Mortgage Insurance is also referred to as PMI or Private Mortgage Insurance. This is generally required if the homeowner has put down payments on the house that is almost below 20{4348bc372134b33f547a4abc8ca54ec2607be38c3666d40c870df9bbc4170cc9} of the total amount. The PMI cost varies on the down payment made as well as the loan’s cost. It generally varies between 0.5{4348bc372134b33f547a4abc8ca54ec2607be38c3666d40c870df9bbc4170cc9} and 1{4348bc372134b33f547a4abc8ca54ec2607be38c3666d40c870df9bbc4170cc9}. This kind of insurance protects the owner if he fails to make payments on the mortgage.
  • The Down Payment: Down Payment is the total amount of money that homeowners are required to pay in advance for the house. It is considered to be a part of the total cost of the house.

These are a few costs that the homeowners cannot afford to overlook when they are buying their first ever dream house.


A Distinctive And Wealthy Trend asia – Anarkali Dresses

Anarkali salwar kameez as suggested by its name was initiated through the royal dancer anarkali within the royal court from the Indian emperor Akbar during moghul occasions. The outfit since that time has gone through tremendous changes underneath the impact of various occasions, cultures and designers etc. and keep its fundamental essence intact.

Today using the upsurge of innovative and inventive designers, latest anarkali dresses came into fashion again with the beginning of designer anarkali suits through the hands of famous and well-known designers in our occasions.

Preserving the requirements from the contemporary fashion these Designer Salwar suits are usually layered with a number of lining underneath along with a internet or tissue layering at the very top for any shimmery and classy look. Furthermore the layering means they are an excellent party put on attire especially throughout the monsoon and winter months because it has a tendency to keep your wearer warm while making her look attractive simultaneously.

These traditional Anarkali Dresses in multicolored and vibrant hues make sure they are ideal for youthful women as fashion put on. The anarkali salwar Kameez usually features wealthy fabrics in various shades and texture which makes it interesting, gorgeous and also the the perfect type of outfit for that auspicious and wondrous occasion just like a marriage ceremony. Furthermore, such an example classy designer anarkali suits have a tendency to look really elegant on every lady.

As reported by the ongoing trend passes, salwar suits online are very sought after. Nowadays well fitted shimmery linings or perhaps a-line printed fabrics are utilized to highlight the designs. Because the internet has got the inclination to be transparent, it displays the designs rich in vivacity.

Furthermore women who love tinkering with dresses are selecting anarkali dresses as wedding gowns in the assortment of famous designer anarkali suits created by branded designers. Stylish cuts and romantic colors make these designs well suited for the bride to be who desires some drama as she twists and shakes her leg around the party area.

Since wedding outfits weight too much and opulent, these flared anarkali dresses in crimson hues lavishly embellished with dabka work, sequin work along with other precious gemstones together with extravagant and complex embroidery look very chic and trendy like a wedding party dress while retaining its opulent nature and opulent appeal.

What are you awaiting? Buy an Anarkali Salwar Kameez from your assortment of latest designer anarkali suits available on the web at gravity fashion, among the best fashion shopping store online for traditional Indian put on.


Silvertrac: Advanced Real-Time Reporting Technology

Security, maintenance and parking lot management are typically handled by contractors, not the property owners. These companies have quality metrics, and legal obligations, built into their contracts. They need to keep their clients happy and informed. Silvertrac Software has several customizable features that meet these reporting obligations, while optimizing staffing needs, and facilitating record keeping. Request a demo today at

Guard Management

Silvertrac software means always knowing where each member of your security guard staff is. The integrated GPS shows their exact locations. It also interfaces with QR code checkpoints along their routes. Easily installed on any smartphone, it is an affordable and dependable way to ensure security service meets the clients’ expectations.


Security guards and maintenance personnel can record the details of any incidents easily and accurately. Reports can include GPS information, customized data fields, and time-stamped photo and audio files. Staff members can create the report in the field, while the facts are still fresh in their mind, not hours later at a PC. An accurate voice recognition features makes entering textual data simple.


Maintenance requests, and alarm notifications, can be handled through the application. The GPS locaters allow managers to dispatch the nearest qualified employee to handle the event. From the first phone call to the final report, the data, responses and details are integrated in one program.


Silvertrac allows managers to ensure security guards aren’t slacking off. Integrates with QR code scanners, if a guard skips a checkpoint along their route, the app will record it. Incident trends can also be analyzed through reports, and checkpoint routes adjusted, based on the GPS and timestamp information stored.


Silvertrac software allows you to easily manage the day-to-day routine in parking lots. Residents simply register the make, model and plates of their own vehicles, and any guests, through the software. This allows security and parking lot staff to stay informed. Fewer staff members are required to monitor parking lots and properties. Infractions can be logged with GPS and time-stamped details. Valet services can easily match vehicle to parking slots, track vehicles and employees, and create backup information with photographs.

Field Training

Managers can program task lists into the Silvertrac software. This helps new employees navigate the sites, locate work stations, and complete tasks with minimal assistance. Supervisors are able to delegate work orders promptly, and employees can update the task status, through Silvertrac. Dispatchers, supervisors, administrators have access to reports that help evaluate the performance of teams, or individuals.


Through Silvertrac, managers can create customized inspection reports for buildings, vehicles, utilities, and general safety. The speech-to-text feature eliminates handwritten reports. Using a smartphone, inspectors can collect data quickly. Facility managers can then easily generate individual and summary inspection reports.

The Silvertrac system lets you receive alerts, keep accurate records, eliminates paper reports, and monitor employees in real-time. The ideal business technology system adapts to the way you operate now and allows for future growth and evolution. Selecting the best software for your security, maintenance, vending, or parking business involves balancing cost vs benefits. Get the Silvertrac demo today to see how it will perform for you.