Employment, Environment and Successful Experiment: The Vicinity Concept

Environment is an amazing asset to refresh the commitment, development and profitability in work. In any case, what does the ideal environment really resemble? In The use of the environment we explore how a logically based, intentional plan can change an openspace into a comprehensive workplace.

The Sentiment of Working Environment?

We as a whole know the sentiment of a working environment with the correct atmosphere. You feel positive and fulfilled. The individuals around you speak with one another and look loose. Perhaps you hear some delicate music or you smell the smell of newly blended espresso. There is a general movement that is hard to articulate.

The Smart Solution

Wouldn’t it be pleasant in the event that you realized how to make a work environment where your teams consistently feel compact, beneficial and lively? That is something other than hypothesis. Milind uses the best way to deal with make the conditions that discharge the best vitality in the work environment, so your representatives can be fulfilled, loose and beneficial. Look forward on to find how we do that.  Working on the vicinity of the office has so many utilities.

  • Numerous companies offer portable workplaces (or if nothing else the capacity to work at home at times) and this can have numerous advantages for representatives. Be that as it may, has your office currently become an apparition town? In case your employees can work anyplace, you should give them motivation so that they enjoy that working environment.
  • You likewise need to consider the effect that your workspace has on the prosperity of your workers. In a normal business, it is frequently one individual who at last settles on choices about real estate that influence a great many individuals. Real estate experts have the chance, much like anthropologists, to watch, tune in and see how the lives of every one of their workers are affected by the spatial choices they make. At the point when you see individuals who are disappointed with their space, this frequently implies somebody has not tuned in to the necessities of the workers. This can have ramifications for the good and profitability of representatives.

For the Individuals

Individuals are normally pulled in by the correct balance among serenity and high vitality, and it now and again appears as though the correct vitality balance simply occurs. In any case, there is more science required than you might suspect. Our examination shows that there are three factors that make vitality: closeness, straightforwardness and social variations.

One of the present dilemmas is to wagered between open workplaces or cubicles that assurance the laborer’s independence. Some contend that being encompassed by individuals forestalls the focus that a few undertakings require, while others advocate the need to pool certain issues to carry a plan to progress.

To battle this issue, numerous companies are focused on the usage of cubicles, for example, Microsoft’s data innovation development team. As they announce, they don’t consider the to be as boundaries to correspondence with their partners yet as obstructions to commotion.

The Last Word

That is the reason they have contrived the idea of “WIV-C”, which comprises in utilizing the corridor that partitions the plant into cubicles as a gathering point between partners. You can watch for a better understanding on this. Our sincere thanks to Milind for showing us the way.


Company Incorporation and Business Plan – How A New Business Can Be Set Up?

It is good practice to go through the checklist below when you are starting a new business in Hong Kong.

Company incorporation: At the early stage, file your business with the HK Companies Registry. You may file your companyas a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, or Limited Company. This move would provide you withthe necessary legal protection for your personal assets. It will provide the legitimacy as a legal business entity for you to have no doubt when running the company daily operations with your team. At this stage, outlining ownership stakes and pulling together a founding team is one important step.

Executive summary: You have a business plan. It would have started in your brain, but you will have to write it down. Make it readable. That is the full version of your plan. Now you will also need a simplified version of the plan i.e. an abbreviated business plan for the executives, which is known as an executive summary. An executive summary is a robust sales pitch for your business. It distills each key area of your business down into a paragraph or two for you to communicate with others and convey your business more efficiently.

Elevator pitch: In your business plan, it will have an elevator pitch. The elevator pitch will bea 2-3 sentence description of your idea (or your business).

Pitch Deck: At this point, why not also build the pitch deck? The pitch deck is the modern and ready-to-use version of your business plan. It is typically created as a PowerPoint (for Microsoft Windows users) or Keynote (for Macbook users) file that is readily presentable with all the necessary slides. The pitch deck would tell the story of your business and there is an introduction to main product included.

Website: Develop a website for your business. It is the face to the public through the internet. On the website, there are landing pages for promotion/marketing use. There are also pages that list your services/products. There are pages that show the details of your major products. You should include a contact page, or simply contact details on the website, so visitors may be able to contact your business.

Bios: Create/write bios for the major persons in your company i.e. co-founders, management team, etc. Publish the bios on your company website. This information is to show to other the users (or potential customers) and investors that there are real people who are behind the operations of the company. Being real builds truth in the human world. Spinning off from this aspect would be the company logos, each key person’s business cards, etc.

Financial documents. Maintain and keep a set of financial reports of your business.


Working From Home: Is It A Viable Option For Hong Kong Residents?

What defines working from home? When you are showing the signs below, you are virtually running your own business from your Hong Kong home.

  • You spend more than 12 hours a day working from your HK home. You are paying no rent related to your business. But you are paying a rent for living at the place where you work. The exception is that when you own the property.
  • You take responsibility for the success or failure of your business.
  • You regularly make long term and short term decisions on how, when and where you work.
  • You hire staffs to help with your work, whether the staffs are part time or full time, or simply freelancing persons you have never met face-to-face (because they do not reside in Hong Kong).
  • You provide to yourself some equipment to complete the work.
  • You have a number of customers at the same time (whether they are in HK or outside of HK), and you regularly communicate with them for the purpose of the projects that are related to their business.
  • You charge a fixed fee or a case-by-case fee for your work that you do for your customers.
  • You sell or re-sell goods or services, and make a profit out of it. This includes selling a website or app, or part of a website or part of an app you have developed.
  • You have not gone through a formal company registration at the Hong Kong Companies Registry.

Working from home may seem a great idea for many young persons during this generation. But you should not underestimate the amount of discipline it takes for you to smoothly work from home in long term. You will have to find ways to stop all the possible distraction and stay as productive as you would in a traditional office environment. A spouse, kids, or pets may as distracted as any other disruption that happen out of nowhere when working from your HK home.

When you have chosen to work from home, the issues ahead of that you will have to overcome may include:

  • The difficulty in communication in general – You may not be able to see people face-to-face when communication with them for your projects. You may have to improve your skills in writing, voice message, and video conferencing to overcome the potential issue.
  • Working from home means working alone. This way, you work without a team, and community. Maybe you do have a team, but most likely all your team members will be sitting elsewhere or working remotely. It is hard to build a common culture. You will have to get used of this situation for years to come.
  • Project management and progress may be difficult to maintain. There is this lower reliability attitude that may spread quickly across all your team members and yourself. This leads to lower productivity. Constant communication among team members will be key.

Why You May Want To Live Or Retire In Malaysia?

Are you looking for a new place for retirement which is not in your own country? Are you worrying about the high cost of living? Not a problem at all. You should consider Malaysia. More specifically, you may consider George Town of Malaysia. MM2H or Malaysia My Second Home is a program which people (or expatriates) can apply for living in Malaysia. But you should always get to know what it is like when living in Malaysia.

As a country, Malaysia is both multicultural and multiethnic with a relatively large population of Malaysian Chinese, even when Islam is the main established religion. The core of Malay native culture is overlaid with strong influences that was brought by Chinese immigrants and Indian immigrants. The main official language is Malaysian, but English has always been a very active second language for many years.

Malaysia is not considered a fully developed country even it has undergoing some amazing and rapid economic development in the past five decades. For almost 50 years, the GDP of Malaysia has been growing at an average of more than 6% per year. Malaysia is a big exporter of natural and agricultural resources (e.g. Tin, rubber, palm oil, etc), and petroleum. Malaysia has been doing a lot of manufacturing in the past but has been moving away from it in the recent years.

The life in Malaysia for expatriates are generally like this: Still, Malaysia as a country is coming very close to developed status. But for retirement, George Town (as a Malaysian city) is one of the best places in the world to live. The most attraction is the relatively low cost of living and high standard of healthcare. A couple can live in George Town for about $1,100 to $2,500 per month.

Most expats in George Town live in modern condo complexes with all the usual amenities. Houses for sale or rent can rarely be found. Outside the complexes, George Town is famous for its low rise shop houses. Usually what you can see in the street and the residential areas is that the shop houses are the strings of connected dwellings with shops on the ground floor and residences above which are all linked up by a covered pedestrian walkway.

English is generally spoken as a second language. Expats would mostly like the mouthwatering array of bargain priced ethnic choices offered by street vendors in George Town. In the city, it has more or less 750,000 people who are in general a distilled essence of Malaysia. The city’s rich blend of people, cultures and architectural styles, and food are all great.


Choosing The Right Phone System For Your Small Business

No matter how small your company is, you need an effective communication system in place. It should allow you to have easy communication with all your employees internally and externally and choosing the right phone system can shape the future of your company. If you can’t communicate, then you can’t get the job done and if you can’t communicate with suppliers then your business will grind to a halt. A telephone is fine, but an effective phone system is much more than that. Let me tell you about the additional features you should be considering.

What Do You Want.

What is it that you want from your phone system, what exactly do you want it to do. How big is your office, how many employees do you have and how many more will you hire in the near future.If you have different departments will you be wanting extensions and if so, how many. What kind of device are you looking for? Is its purpose just to handle your phone system or do you want it to do additional things like photocopying, faxing, printing or the scanning of documents. Once you know this then you can begin to get out there and shop around for the best deal.

Stay Current.

Learn about the many small business phone systems there are and use the internet to get up-to-date information on the current systems. There are so many posts about small businesses good and bad experiences when picking their phone systems and you should use this information to help decide on yours. Just don’t take the word of the first dealer you come across. They may want to sell you a system that is profitable for them, but not effective for you. Take your time, there are many brands and service providers out there. This is an important decision and could mean the difference between a successful business or going bust.

A Growing Business.

The phone system you choose should allow you to expand it when your company expands. Who knows where your business will be next year, you may have grown exponentially and you need a phone system that can handle the extra business inquiries. Your customer base may grow to include other countries and it is important to be able to communicate with them without incident. There are different types of phone systems available that are suitable for the types of business that you are currently.

Which System.

Key telephone systems are best suited for fairly small businesses with less than twenty five workers. They are very affordable which is perfect for a new business just starting out. However, if you want your system to be flexible then a PBX system would be a wise choice for a company who have more than twenty five employees. It is also much easier to upgrade if you need to later. Finally the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows you to communicate quickly and smoothly by using the internet. International calls will be much cheaper and is perfect for your business if your employees are at different locations.

Take your time, learn about the products and systems available and if you can, deal with one supplier who can provide all that you need. Independent service providers are best and they will guide you through the process and advise the phone system that is best for you.


What Kind of Services do Proposal Writing Companies Offer?

The Government is the largest buyer in the United States, and they use Federal Contract as the main tool to acquire services and goods from vendor businesses of all sizes.

Companies participating in the Federal marketplace need to be prepared, understand well the procedures, and be able to submit a persuasive solution. Many businesses, no matter the size or level, choose to get professional help in order to improve the quality of their competition.  There are many proposal writing firms capable of producing irresistible products, and you can count on them to respond properly to an RFP.

Although services offered vary depending on the firm, most of them comprise:

Business Development Management

This service is provided by highly professional business experts who will analyze your capabilities and develop a unique winning strategy for you. They will implement sophisticated techniques to secure resources, determine how you’ll make your offer to the buyer (Federal agency), and ultimately guide to make the right decision.

Bid/No Bid Decision

One of the first steps that have a decisive impact in your P-Win is the right decision to bid or not to bid for a contract. Experienced firms have the knowledge and the ability to weigh your potential of win; therefore, they’ll guide into making the decision based on a realistic assessment. The most common practices to understand your winning chances are:

  • Bid/No Bid Matrix
  • Bid/No Bid Checklist

Capture Management

Once you’ve decided to pursue a Federal business opportunity, you need to prepare in order to gain competitive advantage. This is probably the most important process of proposal preparation. In this phase, you must conduct intelligence assessments, gather data about everything that concerns and influences the result of your project. Here you qualify your leads, establish relationships with your customer and determine the key points you should focus your solution while writing the proposal.  The process includes capture:

  • Consulting
  • Planning

Proposal Development 

Finally, we’ve arrived at the final step. However, it’s a very big step. It’s time to put to work everything you have collected from your research, resources and start planning the content and the solution you’re going to give to the problem issued in the final RFP solicitation. This is a service that requires extensive expertise, excellent writing skills in order to create a compelling and convincing proposal. Analytic/critical thinking is also necessary in order to review the proposal from the perspective of evaluators/decision makers.

  • Consulting
  • Writing
  • Review