Tiger’s Reputation Bounce Back Didn’t Last Long: Online Reputation Repair

Online Reputation Repair is a reputation management company that handles online reputations and offline reputations. Although the majority of their clients are seeking online reputation repair services, the company works with their clients so that they keep their reputation in mind with offline behaviour and actions as well. That is just the case for golfing professional legend Tiger Woods. In April of 1997, Tiger Woods won his first Masters (the major of the Majors) which skyrocketed him to fame. Not only did he win his first Major, he was the youngest to do it with that scorecard. He was only 21. Not to mention, the first African American to earn the Masters green jacket. Tiger continued to win Major after Major until commentators and golf industry professionals began speculating that this might be the guy to beat Jack Nicklaus’ Major wins (18 career Major championships). As a result, over the next 12 years, Tiger was named the player of the year for 10 of those years. His name, “Tiger”, fit the glove.

That is until the fame got to his head. In 2009, Tiger Woods’ life took a turn for the worst. His reputation was shot within a couple of seconds. In late November, the golf professional crashed into a fire hydrant late at night after reportedly having a fight with his wife. She was armed with a golf club and smashed the rear window of his SUV. The accident had reporters and media snooping in Tiger’s personal life and reputation. Soon enough, individuals from his past saw an opportunity to expose him and destroy his reputation. Mistresses came forward and within a couple of weeks, Tiger was the PGA Tour’s very own man whore. Media put two and two together realizing that that was likely was him and his wife were arguing about. Withal his mistakes, the golfer made a public statement soon after apologizing for his behaviour. Trying to repair his physical and online reputation, the golfer began behaving online and offline… until Sunday night. Early Monday morning, Tiger got charged with a DUI in Florida. It is 2009 all over again.

Online Reputation Repair has come across many cases where fame gets to celebrity’s head. Can they really have it all in the spotlight? Reputation companies around the world are anxiously awaiting Tiger’s story for his recent behaviour.


How Lance Armstrong Went From a Spotless Reputation to a Reputation Downfall with the Online Reputation Expert

Montreal based Online Reputation Expert, Herman Tumurcuoglu is a dedicated sports fan. In his spare time he keeps up with baseball, tennis, and cycling. Recently, he has taken interest in golf as one of his employees is an avid golfer. For that reason, when sports scandals and news surface, he is the first one to be commenting on the matter. Of all Online Reputation Experts, Tumurcuoglu is the one to consult with about sports. When ex internationally recognized cyclist and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs in an interview with Oprah, he was one of the first to consult the athlete about how he should bounce back.

From a young age, Armstrong began running and swimming. When he quickly accelerated in the sport and was told to pursue it, he also took up cycling to complete a triathlete’s requirements. At 16, Armstrong became a professional triathlete. In 1989 and in 1990, he was the United States national triathlete champion. His success only continued while his offline and online reputation (as the Internet emerged) became very commendable. In the early 1990’s is when Armstrong focused on cycling more than swimming and running. He completed his first Tour DuPont over 11 days and finished second in the 1992 United State Olympic Trials. He began riding in international events and began making a name for himself. Before his battle with testicular cancer in 1996, Lance Armstrong became a household name. His reputation and brand image was put on pause when Armstrong was diagnosed with testicular cancer. The Online Reputation Expert remembers the news well. “The whole sports community around the world was supporting and rooting for him”, said Tumurcuoglu. Soon enough, doctors found a brain tumours as well. Despite a long journey, the surgery to remove the tumor and chemotherapy restore his health and Armstrong was cancer free. After regaining his strength, the athlete dominated the Tour de France 7 times starting in the late 90’s.

However, after the 2006 Tour de France winner Floyd Landis unpronounced the winner due to doping, the United States Anti-Doping Agency began to look into other suspicious cases included Armstrong. It was hard to believe that a cancer survivor had enough strength to beat some of the world’s top athletes. Nonetheless, it was a legendary story that media and fans ate up. Lance Armstrong had an incredible reputation until October 2012 when the Agency released a report with evidence of Armstrong doping. It was inevitable that he had to come forward so he did in an Oprah interview soon after. His reputation downfall shocked the world including the Online Reputation Expert. Since, the athlete has not been able to bounce back of regain ex fans trust.


6 Techniques to help you rank higher on google

Since search engine rankings became a widespread phenomenon amongst marketers, corporations have invested a lot of time, money and effort into trying to appear at the top spot on the first page of every search engine. Search engine experts have found various loopholes to try to outsmart google and other search engines into getting a higher ranking, this method is called black hat SEO and is frowned upon by google and they try to update their systems ever so often to catch out the marketers practicing black hat SEO. The aim of this post is to introduce 6 simple techniques that can help your website rank higher on google without getting penalized.

  1. The first thing to remember is that Google loves unique and original content, experienced marketers would have noticed the rise in the importance of content creations and would have reacted accordingly. Creating unique and engaging content makes it easier for people to want to share it with their friends and family, this means more people will link to your blog or website which in turn means that your site gets a thumbs up in Google’s search engine.
  2. It is now common knowledge to marketers that off-page link building techniques account for over 80{4348bc372134b33f547a4abc8ca54ec2607be38c3666d40c870df9bbc4170cc9} of the overall effectiveness of any SEO campaign. So in order to rank higher on google, you need to intensify your off-page optimization effort by investing more into backlinks. A good way to capitalise on this would be to find keywords relating to your business (using tools like Moz or Ahrefs) and then use those keywords to bring people into certain pages of your site, for example, if you run a Financial Marketing company one of your keywords would be ‘Equity Release’ and when it is typed into google’s search engine you company comes up along with any other related company within the industry.
  3. Another way to rank higher on Google is to conduct a competitor link analysis, this is an easy link building tactic to put you on a level playing field with your competitors. This would serve as your first step into link building, you are basically repeating the best of what your competitors are doing. The point of this is to match your competitors and once you have matched them you they mount another campaign to exceed them.
  4. Guest posting is an underappreciated way of gaining links and contributes to the way that google ranks you. The main point of guest posting is to get a link from a site or blog that is already established as they tend to carry more weight because they have more authority. A good way to do this would be to contact already established bloggers and influencers within your industry to find out if it would be possible for you to write a guest post on their site. With this method, you get to build a relationship with these bloggers and influencers.
  5. Time is the most important factor when trying to get your site to rank higher on google, there is no time frame in which you can manage to get your page to rank higher. There are a variety of dependents that determine where your site ranks on google like the type of industry that your business is in.
  6. Spammy sites are the stuff that marketers nightmares are made of, there is nothing as annoying as finding your site or blog listed on a spammy site that you haven’t approved. If you do find that your site is listed on a spammy site and it runs the risk of being penalised by google you should first outreach to the spammy sites to ask them to take your information out of their site, if that doesn’t work you can then use a disavow tool to tell google that you have tried to get the link taken down but you can. What Google will do is when they are calculating what you rank your page they will not take the spammy link into consideration so it won’t affect your overall ran.

Following these easy tips do not guarantee that your site would be ranked higher on google, it is intended to serve as a guide addressing some of the contributing factors that are taken into consideration when google are ranking sites. If every process in this guide is executed correctly then your site is well on it’s way to being noticed by google in a good way.


Branding Your Political Campaign

Winning a political race is challenging- seem political positions, contacting constituents and as being a good presenter are common requirements. But could individuals three things win campaigns on their own? Branding is possibly probably the most important pieces to some effective political campaign which is frequently overlooked by candidates varying from local politics to presidential races. Branding can also be probably the most difficult components that a great campaign manager can develop since it requires many intricate pieces that compose the process.

A effective brand technique for your political campaign ought to be centered on:

Giving your emblem an indication of the personality while provoking a psychological response in the people

Knowning that whatever your use for marketing, may it be campaign buttons, flyers, banners or T-shirts, really should look memorable and perennial as to create a lasting impact on your future constituents

Making certain that the brand is exclusive and pliable, because it need to look great on all marketing formats

Your emblem is going to be on the most crucial pieces for your brands strategy, where each and every facet of it has to possess a meaning behind it. Included in this are but aren’t restricted to, the colours, the font, any artifacts or symbols (American flag, a structure, Statue of Liberty Flame, a pet), font spacing, etc. It’s especially better to leave your emblem design to professionals like Mad Mind Studios therefore we can tailor it for your campaign identity and establish the emotional believe that leaves an enduring impression around the voters, especially on election day.

Additionally towards the emblem, you will have products which will bear your emblem and can also possess a motto or tagline onto it that completely describes your mission. You’ll need unique designs which will continue your yard signs, T-shirts, banners, campaign buttons, and flyers that may engage your constituents and also be the following. Ultimately, you need to create a great impression around the people you are attempting to achieve and you would like them to affiliate good feelings for your branding.

Lastly, your branding strategy ought to be unique. It might be ill-advised for the campaign to combine in to the typical graphics appearance of political campaigns. It might be wise individuals to possess a unique brand that may be easily selected out as unique one of the ordinary. In case your branding is really exclusive, voters will easily remember your logo and will probably have good ideas connected by using it as it is different.

Ultimately, you could have the finest political positions, but winning with no cohesive and different branding strategy can make your campaign a lot more hard to increase your following. For those who have any queries about branding your political campaign, please achieve to us at Mad Mind Studios once we be capable to take proper care of all your internet marketing and printing needs.


Just How Can Color Impact Your Design?

Once must be careful while choosing the colours for any design, thinking about that it’ll be perceived differently by differing people. Keep your audience in your mind hitting the nail around the mind. Remember, selection of good colors won’t result in the design stick out, it will likewise impress your audience. On the other hand, one wrong color as well as your entire design is going to be destroyed.

Choosing the best colors is definitely an art which you have to master to provide great consumer experience. Remember, nothing can compare to a perfect palette for any specific group or area. You must know the colours to speak your message.

Differing types

Colors play a significant role in managing the reactions of audience. Listed here are the most popular ones as well as their effect on users.

Warm vibrant

Those falling under this category include beige, orange, pink, yellow, and red. Symbolizing friendly nature, they provide a feeling of energy and courage.

These ought to be used carefully together with subdued colors, because of their high visibility.

Warm dark

Brown, gold, and crimson – the nice and cozy dark colors signify relaxation, luxury, and tradition. They are utilised in elegant designs to provide youthful and wealthy feel. With such in conjunction with cold colors provides an impression of novelty and modernity. These create a perfect choice for companies connected with finance, talking to, craft, and architectonics.

Cold vibrant

These colors, including silver, azure, and lavender, are characterised as fresh and subtle. When coupled with grey, they offer a experience of professionalism, reliability , modernity. Cold vibrant colors are often utilized by health, medicine, and cosmetic brands.

Cold dark

These kinds includes purple, turquoise, blue, navy, and eco-friendly colors, while offering a sense of quality in addition to stability. These colors are utilized to concentrate on the content, and never to draw in the interest of individuals. They’re usually utilized by the experts of website designing India and round the world to create websites to share industrious and ambitious characteristics.


Neutral colors, for example black, white-colored, and grey, are utilized to create contrast and highlight other colors used together. They don’t convey any sort of message by themselves, and therefore are much more of a complementation online. However, they may be used across diverse applications. As the dark colored may be used with vibrant colors, white-colored could be coupled with more dark shades to produce a classic and universal combination.

An easy, subtle group of colors helps convey a note with no need to say much. Get the best utilization of these colors to speak your brand mission clearly to be able to attract the interest of readers. Keep in mind that there’s nothing known as an ideal group of colors. Although some colors tend to be more common, other medication is less. Warm colors may be used in proactive approach, as the cold ones could be selected to provide a cooling effect. If you wish to convey a effective message, make certain the contrast is more powerful. A lot of effective brands have damaged the popularity by utilizing two opposing colors together, which eventually enhanced their visibility available on the market.

Selecting your color plan

Choosing the best colors, whether it’s for sales brochure or emblem, can be challenging, specifically for new companies which are on their own journey to creating their identity. However, listed here are a couple of tips that may be adopted.

Think about your audience

Exactly the same color is viewed differently by individuals in various areas. Yellow color is connected with happiness, optimism, and heat within the Western countries, whereas exactly the same yellow color represents envy in Germany. Before selecting one for design, think about your target customers to be certain of creating the best choice.

Don’t exaggerate

The lesser the amount of colors, the greater it’s. You should use three primary colors inside your color plan, though more may be used, less is much more with regards to design. So, limit your palette to create your design visually appealing.

Be unique

It isn’t always essential to stick to the same rules and pattern to create a sales brochure. Sometimes, smashing the rules will help you stick out. Selecting the 2 bold colors that wouldn’t ordinarily sit together will pay off when individuals notice your brand. It is good to become unique to stand out from the remainder.

Print Media Concepts includes a group of experienced designers to render top-notch services for sales brochure designing Chandigarh. The experts employ the most recent technology, and exercise creative concepts which help the companies to depart an indication on the right track audience.


Custom Rubberband Bracelets at Economic Prices!

Particularly in low quality parties and occasions it is crucial to create wise decisions concerning the least expensive options of fun props available in the marketplace and could be manoeuvred with. The internet accessibility to such props however saves the client’s effort and time too. Lots of imagination and inventive thinking is needed in finalising a customised and different theme and prop to have an event or party.

The largest selection of custom lanyards and custom rubber bracelets is visible online online. Unlike other suppliers it provides the greatest degree of customization for those its products too. The types of materials could be selected from nylon. Polyester, silicone, rubber, tyvek, etc would be the materials readily available for these products like wristbands and printed lanyards. Buy lanyards online as they possibly can be produced for various brands and firms. A particular shade of color could be selected that is specific to particular brand. The polyester lanyards are recognized to last a long quite convenient for the customers and also the lanyard costs are the cheapest at wrist-band.

These may be developed in single or dual color. The written text or emblem onto it also offers various choices for designing. Much like custom bracelets, online custom tattoos may also be designed and purchased from wrist-band. Temporary tattoos will always be less costly and simple to use compared to permanent ones. Online tattoos prices for that ones that you’ve designed by yourself are super cheap and cost-effective. Wristband tattoos are chic, they are available in fine colors and they may be applied within a few moments. These temporary tattoos may last for per week otherwise applied under water. They don’t cause any irritation towards the skin despite prolonged use. The designer is often as creative and imaginative while designing them.

The client likes the lanyards and rubberband bracelets because of their easy availability and simple to put on nature. The client can however possess the cheapest lanyard prices online. Wristbands like a prop would work best with the approaching festive season and will make your party a millionaire by not digging an opening in your wallet. Set your personal trend with unique designs and employ the wristbands in your unique way.

The written text printing in it in a variety of pattern assistance to signify something unique and grabs the interest of individuals very rapidly. People are recognized to have collected countless number of funds and helped the needy through getting the customised wristbands purchased. Rubber bracelets online would be the least expensive at wrist-band. It’s the no. 1 supplier for straight forward delivery of customised items like temporary tattoos and silicone bracelets. Don’t waste your time and effort while seeking for hrs on the internet. Give contour around your imaginative design limited to wrist-band online.