Can you pawn broken jewellery?

Things break all the time and fixing them could be too expensive or too much of a hassle. That’s because most things aren’t made to last forever. Your TV or your Tablet can break, so can your watch and your precious gold jewellery. Under normal circumstances when something gets broken beyond repair you simply chuck it in the bin because the item will have no value once it is broken, however, some things don’t lose their value but items like gold and silver jewellery retain their value even when they are damaged beyond repair.

We know that pawnshops buy anything of value and that they are particularly fond of gold jewellery but do pawnbrokers accept broken gold jewellery? A piece of jewellery remains valuable because of the gold content it contains. Some pawnbrokers are interested in the gold content and not jewelry for being in pristine condition.  This is because to a Brisbane pawnshop a broken piece of gold jewellery is just as valuable as an intact item.

Can you get a good price for broken gold jewellery?

If pawnshops accept broken jewellery, would they pay less for it because it is broken? The short answer is, no. Jewellery without diamonds or gemstones will be valued the same way as jewellery without whether they are broken or not.

Gold jewellery with diamonds is different. Gold rings, bracelets or earrings with diamonds might have a high resell value. The pawnbroker will pay more for diamond jewellery that he or she intends to sell because of the precious jewels. In the case of broken diamond jewellery, the pawnbroker will remove the diamonds and sell them separately and sell the gold as scrap. Pawnbrokers aren’t really scrap gold buyers and scrapping diamond jewellery will return less money than jewellery that ends up I a pawnshop’s jewellery case.

Pawnbrokers have no real reason to turn away your gold jewellery whether it is broken, monogrammed old or has any other issue.

How do pawnshops appraise broken gold jewellery?

The process of appraising broken jewellery is the same as appraising jewellery that is still intact. the pawnbroker will first determine what karat your gold item is. The item will then be weighed. The pawnbroker will then assess the diamonds then give the customer a price for it. It’s that simple.

You can then decide whether you want to pawn or to sell the gold jewellery at the price you’ve quoted.

Bottom line

Some things may not be made to last but this does not mean the first response you should have when it comes to valuable items like gold is to throw it out. You could be throwing money out if you do so. The best thing is to look for a gold buyer or Brisbane pawnshop that buys old and broken jewellery. Most of the time you can get a good price for your old and broken jewellery at a pawnshop. This is the right time to rummage through your old jewellery and those pieces you had stashed in some dark and dank place because you did not think you would ever have any use for them.

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