Ball Bearing Is An Exceptional Component In Our Modern World

Advancements in technology have helped us to acquire anything. Similarly, machinery will not be left behind as modern engineering helped us make things smooth. Among many, we will discuss bearings, which helped us reduce friction and give a smooth motion. It also can withstand heavy loads.

How Does It Work?

So, ball bearings have two rings that contain metal balls. These balls are not in contact with each other and are spaced. This also helps them share the loads and avoid friction to have a smooth motion. So they have a screw with the ball, which helps to smoothen up the motion of that particular thing.

Where Is It Used?

  1. It is used indoors, as previously people used to use wooden doors, but it has caused many issues like swelling of the wood, which has caused too much disruption while closing the window during the rainy season. So JR Bearings ( ตลับลูกปืน LM Guide JR, which is the term in Thai) helped in making sliding doors that get easily looked, and nothing changes because of the seasons.
  2. Next, bearings are also applied in the drawers. It has been noticed that previously, it was difficult to manage the drawers when we were in a hurry, but these sliding ones are easy to close. Due to extreme pressure, sometimes those drawers get damaged, but these bearings can withstand heavy loads and glide smoothly.
  3. Bearings are also applied in the fridge, washing machines, beds and, most importantly, in modular kitchen drawers. These bearings are so smooth that the drawers aren’t stuck in the middle and can be closed easily.


These ball bearings are easy to use, so few things need to be memorized; try not to close or open with thrust as it can lead to breaking the screw or ball bearing. Continuous pressure can damage the material, so you need to call the mechanic, who needs time to change the whole mechanical process. This will take time to repair as it’s a bit classy, so try to use it gently.


JR Bearings play an important role in producing the bearings in industrial areas, which can take utmost pressure. This is a marvellous thing built by the engineers that drives modern technology forward. As technology advances, similar machines are developing, so bearings will play a significant role shortly, making things easy and quick.


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