Choosing the Right Paint for Metal

Metal can be difficult to paint due to its slick, smooth surface, and you will have to sit around in the garage and probably won’t cut it. To prime the metal for painting binding, you should first wash it with soapy water, extract light corrosion with a stiff brush, polish it with sandpaper, and then polish it in most circumstances. Regarding these stages, you can only achieve success with devoted metal paints or inter paints branded for use on metal.

In different base bottles and proprietary formulas, metal paint solutions are marketed to fight off rust or to endure extreme heat, complicating the issue. So keep reading and get better results on your next project in order to find the right paint for metal surfaces.

The most robust are oil based paints.

 Choose oil-based paint whenever painting outdoor base metal like walls, lawn furniture, or outdoor stoves, and frequently used indoor items like kitchen cabinets and window frames. Typically, treating a durable coat that absorbs moisture and stains and avoids dents and scratches is more expensive than water-based paint, manufactured with pigments.

Oil paint, however is susceptible to cracking or slotting and sometimes tends to fade with time, so consider a material with constructed fade safety, such as Corrosion Pounded Metal Finish. You can achieve a more consistent finish if you first apply an oil-based primer, so you can fully relate oil paint to the metal since it contains no water, so there is no risk of corrosion. You will save time on the paint job by skipping primers.

Paints based on water provide faster drying and fewer fumes. 

While painting light to commonly used indoor base metal, think pendant lights, bed frames or master bedroom night stands go with liquid acrylic paint, a simpler, quicker alternative than oil paint. Acrylic, made of dyes, acrylic adhesives, and water, produces less chemicals and dries to the touch in less than an hour in a flexible coat immune to cracking, slotting, and scratching. It may be more susceptible to dents, stains, and scuffs, however.

A traditional acrylic paint often has less organic content than oil paint, so mildew and mold are less likely to form, making it a safer choice for areas such as kitchens and baths that are vulnerable to moisture.

Use high-heat paint on surfaces and generate heat.

Painting a radiator, outdoor barbecue, surrounding the fire pit, or other appliance that generates heat? Normal oil- or liquid paint can blister and peel when exposed to the high temperature created by these appliances during operation. To preserve your paint job, choose a high-heat metal paint developed with water repellent resins to survive extreme temps, such as Rust-Oleum High Heat Paint.

Use corrosion paint on surfaces susceptible to humidity.

Damage can develop on any material made of metal or cast iron like steel with extended exposed to light and humidity. If you intend to paint outdoor furniture or décor with metal, or interior features such as backsplashes that often come into contact with water or moisture, search for paint designed to withstand corrosion to maintain the metal’s appearance and integrity.


Best reasons to include high-quality images on your website

Images are important for the success of a website. It shall be interesting for website visitors to see something visual over a large block of texts. A web page looks better with pictures and helps users to read it easily. Besides, it is easy for readers to relate to an image better than reading a paragraph of words.

Many people believe that content is important when designing a business website. And for them, photos are a good part of it to make the website looking good. But more than a pretty picture, good quality images do a lot on your website.

For driving more visitors to the website

If you want to bring your website on top of the search engine page results, and improve its web traffic, add better images to it. Good pictures help to drive more visitors to a website. It improves social sharing and helps you to improve your business and increase sales. The importance of high-quality pictures on your website are:

  • As a representation of your business
  • It helps to build brand and credibility
  • It explains the visual story of your business
  • For creating a message for your business
  • Help to find your business easily on the web

3 Main reasons to include quality images to a website

Of course, original content with proper keywords and Meta tags help a business to improve its search engine optimization. But user experience is also a major factor that improves the website rankings, but it is often overlooked. Here are the top three reasons for including high-quality images on a website.

  • For improving user experience and help with SEO

Adding photos to the website along with high-quality content certainly helps to improve the user experience and reduce the bounce rate. It can be a suitable way to provide useful visuals for your products and services to the users. Visitors will stay longer on the website if the content has good visuals.

  • For converting leads

With the help of good pictures and photos along with unique content, you can attract more visitors to your website. In fact, it helps to get more visitors to your website. Adding images is a great way to improve the quality of user engagement. So, they spend more time on your website and help your business to grow. You can build recognition and credibility for your brand by adding quality images to the website.

  • For better social media visibility

Social media is an excellent way to improve visibility on the web. So, if you are a business owner, ensure to use a few social media platforms in order to promote the product, services, and website. People love to like, share, and comment on high-quality photos on them. So, add better pictures on your social media platforms and sites for better visibility.

When you make a web page, adding some pictures would help to get the attention of its users very easily. It helps them to engage more time on the page and reduces bounce rate.  Right images help users to relate to your products and services more easily. The pictures that you add to the web pages should have the same quality and effect as your written content.


Attributes that Make a Good Auto Specialist

Your car’s best companion is a good auto specialist. Nobody would want to have a poor auto mechanic, dealing with your automobile. That would be a total disaster. We do not know the importance of a mechanic unless your vehicle stops abruptly in the middle of the road. Your-one-call-away auto specialist should identify and analyze the problem and get your vehicle moving quickly. For some people, auto specialists turn into family friends creating a great rapport.

Every automobile owner needs to have a personal auto specialist to go to. You do not want to get your hands greasy and dirty while heading to an important place.

But before choosing any specialist you need to know and identify a good one. Here are some guidelines to help you.

Client dealing capabilities

 Firstly, a good auto specialist should be able to brief the problem clearly to the customer. They should be capable of answering any questions posed by the owner of the vehicle. People invest a lot of money in an automobile and they would most probably want a good mechanic to deal with their vehicle. Lastly, a specialist with a polite and kind tone is who you will need to have a trouble-free experience. French auto specialists stand out as an excellent example for having good customer service.

Quick analysis 

The automobile owner would not want to have their vehicle taken for service without letting them know about the issue first. An excellent auto specialist will look at your transport and give you a quick overview of the complication swiftly. The parts needed for replacement should be informed prior. He should be skilled to pinpoint other unknown defects and up-gradation of the automobile.

Knowledgeable and skillful

A smart and intelligent auto specialist should be able to work on all branded vehicles from small cars to big trucks. They must possess good workmanship. The person should have good expertise in the recent use of technology and be mindful of the innovative methods because they would not know which vehicle they are going to deal with each day. French auto specialists are a pro in dealing with all models of vehicles. A knack to know about every part of the transport starting from the fuel system to air conditioning is a big advantage. Also, they should be able to work with various tools to make the engine working. Quick restoration of a vehicle is an example of a fine specialist. They should have years of hands-on practice dealing with damaged transport.


Before you give your keys to the auto specialist make sure he is certified. A good specialist will always have certification courses finished ahead. To identify a certified mechanic, observe his away around the vehicle and the terms he uses to describe the failure of the engine effectively. A person with many loyal customers regularly can be trusted. Their originality will be seen in the replacement of the right equipment for the vehicle instead of duplicate products.

Individuals who own transport must keep in mind the qualities of a good auto specialist before letting someone handle your precious vehicle. Your car or truck will thank you later.


The Usual Compliance Obstacles in Mobile Archiving

The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II, better known as MiFID II, has been implemented for more than a year. However, even with these directives in play, a lot of financial firms are still struggling with the recordkeeping requirements and other tasks that need to be done. Industry research suggests that 40% of financial firms are still non-compliant with MiFID II even though these European firms invested up to 2 billion dollars. This just shows that many of these firms are still subject to regulatory enforcement actions that can include hefty fines and perhaps even suspensions.

So, what are some of the obstacles that these firms have faced for the past year? First of all, some of these firms have had difficulty in finding the right MiFID voice call recording solution. Call conversations between financial professionals and their clients are now required to be recorded in a format that will ensure the audio’s data quality, accuracy, and completeness. It’s a good thing that these firms that do not have a solution can get MiFID voice recording from Telemessage, a solution that can help them comply with this requirement.

Another compliance obstacle that these firms face is the difficulty in maintaining a unified archiving system. The new directive requires firms to monitor and record trade communications for up to seven years. This can be a daunting task, especially when considering the various cross channel communications used by employees today. Texts, phone calls, and emails all use different file formats, which makes them hard to store in one archiving database.

A good suggestion for this will be for firms to look for a solution that will allow them to keep all the archived communications and files in one single storage. To learn more about these obstacles and how to comply with MiFID II, here’s an infographic by Telemessage.


Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Applying for a LAP

Loan against property

As the name rightly suggests, a loan against property or LAP is a mortgage loan which is pledged against the property of the borrower. LAP can be availed against the residential as well as the commercial property. The other name of LAP is a mortgage loan, and it assists in meeting the financial requirement. Loan against property is of great significance as it helps one in unpredictable circumstances, assists in starting a business, expanding the business and helps in availing new technologies. An individual can take a loan at a certain percentage of their property’s market value without having any limitation on the use of the property. However, the decision to take a loan against the property must not be done in haste and should always be based on proper analysis. In order to decide whether to take a loan against property, an individual must ask these questions to himself:

  1. Can my monthly income afford the loan?

The decision to take a loan against the property must not be based on mere gut instincts; rather individual should take a note of all the minute things because a wrong decision may lead to terrible financial consequences. One of such minute analysis is whether one’s income can afford the loan or not. Individuals must compute their salary from all the sources and should minus the expenses and check if the income is enough to afford a loan. If yes, then he should proceed and if no, there is a need to rethink about taking a loan.

  1. What is the value of the property

Loan against property is provided against the property of an individual. Property can be a residential property or a commercial property. Individual must ascertain the value of the property in the market, which depends on different factors like a market price, location, type etc. It will help him to know the actual loan amount, which can be availed against the property. He should be prepared with all the relevant documents related to the property.

  1. History of the property

Individuals should not only know the current value of the property, but he should be well aware of the past of the property. He should know the person from whom he purchased the property and other such details must be the tip. Banks and the financial institution may ask these question and failing to answer these questions may deter one’s chances of getting a loan approved.

  1. Research

Taking any decision without a proper thought process and analysis most often result in terrible repercussions. Individuals must not randomly opt any for a loan against property instead they should check all the available options with different banks and financial institutions and should compare the factors like rate of interests, processing cost and other important factors. And then should select the one which fits their requirement.

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  1. Be smart and cautious

Individuals should always be wary of all the kinds of frauds, and they should not follow any unverified source. They should be careful of the attractive offers as they someone righty said, ‘all that glitters is not gold’. Being careful and smart helps one to be away from becoming a prey of fraud.



Organize Your Trading Through MAM/PAMM

If you don’t want to trade yourself but want to be part of forex trading, then there is a solution for you, a managed account.

A forex managed account is like a “sit back and relax” investing opportunity. An experienced trader will trade on your behalf, and you will eat the fruit of his hard work by funding a certain amount.

In the forex, there are two types of managed accounts; MAM and PAMM.

You should be wondering what the hell are these?

Fear not as in this guide, we are going to talk about MAM and PAMM and how you can organize your trading through them. So, read till the end.

PAMM Account

PAMM or Percentage Allocation Management Module account is a mechanism for equal participation in investment and the distribution of profits and losses between all participants in a managed account, which are investors and a trader managing this account.

How PAMM works?

To give you an illustration of how PAMM works here’s is an example.

Imagine a forex trader who earns 10% profit per month and has a capital of $1,000. Therefore, his gain in the first month will be about $100.

A trader decides to increase working capital and profit margin, and by opening a PAMM, he can attract investors. Three investors (let’s call them Alex, Marie, and Hunnum) decided to invest their capital in this PAMM account, Alex $6,000, Marie $2,000, and Hunnum $1,000, respectively.

Their capital is combined on the PAMM account with the capital of the trader ($1,000) and the total amount at the disposal of the trader is already $1,000 + $6,000 + $2,000 + $1,000 = $10,000. Therefore, the profit for the first month will not be $100, but $1 000.

So, the trader and investors will receive a profit equal to 10% of the deposit, and it is distributed among them proportionally: the trader gets $100, Alex $600, Marie $200, and Hunnum $100. The trader also gets 50% (or whatever is set by the trader) from the earnings of his investors. This is automatically credited to the trader’s account.

In case of a loss, a trader won’t get anything from this.

The results of trading, accruing profits by investors, and rewards to the trader occur at the end of the period called the trading period. The procedure itself is called a rollover.

And that’s how the PAMM account works.

Now let’s move to the MAM account.

MAM Account

MAM (Multi Account Manager) is an analog of PAMM accounts. It is an investment opportunity suitable for significant investments and allowing the trader to open transactions on the accounts of connected investors in the selected proportion.

In a MAM account, the trader can directly manage several sub-accounts at once. The number of connected accounts is not limited, but they must correspond to the trader’s threshold, so an investor with a small amount will not be able to join the MAM provider.

Transactions on a MAM account are opened based on the total amount, but the size of an open order, profit or loss will be distributed among investors’ funds in proportion to their investment.

Orders are executed at the same price for all investors.

Before investing in any of these accounts, try to learn all about these accounts.