3 Major Signs Your Business Is Ready To Move To A Better Office

Relocating a business can be a daunting task. Even if your workforce is very small (2-10 employees), there are a lot of big decisions to make. Do you take your existing employees with you or start from scratch in your new home? If you are moving overseas, do you know where to find workers with the right skills?

What kind of office should you pick for your next base of operations? Is it even the right time to be relocating? These are all important questions and, when they all need to be answered at once, things can start to feel rather stressful. The secret to success is to slow down. It can be tough, particularly if you are worried about losing money, but careful thinking is essential.

Keep reading to find out when and why businesses need to relocate to a faster, stronger, superior office.

Stifling Worries about Cost

There are some great ways to move a business without incurring massive amounts of debt. For example, check out the Servcorp website to learn about virtual and serviced offices. These super flexible office solutions put the tenant in control. Essentially, everything about the lease or rental is decided by you.

In fact, in a virtual office, you get to share the utility and maintenance costs with multiple tenants. The corporate suites are communal, so you can access all of the tools and features that you want, but you do not have to rent them outright. It is the best way to control early overheads and ensure that a relocation does not end up costing more than it should.

The Clients cannot Find You

You need to move to a better office if your customers are having trouble finding you. It is a very convincing sign that your current base is not visible or connected enough. When looking for new opportunities, investors tend to stick to central locations. In Singapore, this means areas like Alexandra Road, the Marina Bay Financial Centre, and Temasek Boulevard.

The best offices are close to transport links so that it is easy for clients, guests, and employees to make it onto the site. They also have addresses which look great on paper and tell investors that this is a business right at the heart of the action. When picking a spot for your new office, stick to the busiest retail, commercial, and corporate districts.

You are Too Big for Your Boots

While rapid growth does present challenges (for example, where to go next), it is a positive thing, and you should embrace the changes it triggers. Just because the current office was perfect, to begin with, it does not mean it is an ideal fit now. If you are outgrowing the facilities, it is time to start looking for a new home.

Serviced suites are a good option for companies who want a well-designed private space, but don’t want to commit to long-term conditions. They come in unfurnished and furnished varieties, so you do not even have to spend time setting them up if you want to get going right away. Serviced offices are flexible, affordable, and located in some unique spots.

How to Make Relocating a Positive Experience

When relocating or launching a new business, the aim should be to minimise downtime. The longer you spend out of contact and not liaising with suppliers and partners, the more opportunities you will lose. It is why virtual and serviced workspaces are such a valuable option. They are available on a ‘ready to use’ basis and can be accessed right away.

The transition between old office and new can be as seamless as you desire. Virtual and serviced providers do not usually offer long-term leases, which means that there’s no commitment to terms or features. If you move in and want to tweak your corporate package, you can do so without incurring extra fees.

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