Why You May Want To Live Or Retire In Malaysia?

Are you looking for a new place for retirement which is not in your own country? Are you worrying about the high cost of living? Not a problem at all. You should consider Malaysia. More specifically, you may consider George Town of Malaysia. MM2H or Malaysia My Second Home is a program which people (or expatriates) can apply for living in Malaysia. But you should always get to know what it is like when living in Malaysia.

As a country, Malaysia is both multicultural and multiethnic with a relatively large population of Malaysian Chinese, even when Islam is the main established religion. The core of Malay native culture is overlaid with strong influences that was brought by Chinese immigrants and Indian immigrants. The main official language is Malaysian, but English has always been a very active second language for many years.

Malaysia is not considered a fully developed country even it has undergoing some amazing and rapid economic development in the past five decades. For almost 50 years, the GDP of Malaysia has been growing at an average of more than 6% per year. Malaysia is a big exporter of natural and agricultural resources (e.g. Tin, rubber, palm oil, etc), and petroleum. Malaysia has been doing a lot of manufacturing in the past but has been moving away from it in the recent years.

The life in Malaysia for expatriates are generally like this: Still, Malaysia as a country is coming very close to developed status. But for retirement, George Town (as a Malaysian city) is one of the best places in the world to live. The most attraction is the relatively low cost of living and high standard of healthcare. A couple can live in George Town for about $1,100 to $2,500 per month.

Most expats in George Town live in modern condo complexes with all the usual amenities. Houses for sale or rent can rarely be found. Outside the complexes, George Town is famous for its low rise shop houses. Usually what you can see in the street and the residential areas is that the shop houses are the strings of connected dwellings with shops on the ground floor and residences above which are all linked up by a covered pedestrian walkway.

English is generally spoken as a second language. Expats would mostly like the mouthwatering array of bargain priced ethnic choices offered by street vendors in George Town. In the city, it has more or less 750,000 people who are in general a distilled essence of Malaysia. The city’s rich blend of people, cultures and architectural styles, and food are all great.

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