What is a Clean Room Intercom and Why Does My Business Need One?

If you are operating a clean room, a laboratory, a glass divider between your staff and the public, or a divider between any other people, then you will inevitably want some way to communicate across the barrier.

Clean room integrity or laboratory standards cannot be met if members of staff must continuously crack open a window to speak to people outside the clean area; and similarly any attempts to keep bank clerks safe behind a divider will fail if they have no way of speaking to their customers. Some sort of solution will be required, which allows people to speak while maintaining the integrity of the barrier. In these situations, a clean room intercom is the perfect answer.

A clean room intercom is a device which allows voice communication between one point and another, without a direct connection between the two points. In the case of electronic intercom systems, this is accomplished with microphones, speakers and electrical transmission cables that carry the encoded voice transmission in real time, like a telephone. In a clean room intercom system, this device is modified to work with the sealed division between the clean room and the outside world, never breaching the security measures which the clean room has in place to protect its delicate cargo.

In the case of an analogue clean room intercom, there are no cables and no electronics required – a system like a melaphone simply transmits the vibrations of speech directly through the glass without the need for electricity.

A melaphone is ideal for a clean room communication system thanks to several quirks of its design, which make it stand head and shoulders above electronic systems. First off, a melaphone is a completely secure way to communicate between a clean room or sealed area and the people outside – no through air flow is possible with them, making sure no particles are transferred from one area to another across the melaphone.

Secondly, a melaphone is an exceedingly simple device, consisting of just a few simple plastic parts that are very tough and long-lasting, with no moving pieces or electronics that could break and nothing that could develop a fault and compromise the safety of your clean room or divider.

Third, no electricity is required to operate them, and no electronics are present in their design, making their upkeep and running costs utterly minimal. Once installed, the investment is complete, unless something is damaged or you wish to upgrade it, making melaphones an extremely cost-effective clean room intercom system.

So, a clean room intercom is a system which allows people to communicate across a sealed divider without compromising the seal, and your business needs one because communication is vital to all aspects of business and society, and it allows you to preserve the integrity of your divided area and securely speak across the barrier!

If you need more information on clean room intercoms or you would like to place an order, get in touch with Melaphone on 01359233191 today!

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