Tiger’s Reputation Bounce Back Didn’t Last Long: Online Reputation Repair

Online Reputation Repair is a reputation management company that handles online reputations and offline reputations. Although the majority of their clients are seeking online reputation repair services, the company works with their clients so that they keep their reputation in mind with offline behaviour and actions as well. That is just the case for golfing professional legend Tiger Woods. In April of 1997, Tiger Woods won his first Masters (the major of the Majors) which skyrocketed him to fame. Not only did he win his first Major, he was the youngest to do it with that scorecard. He was only 21. Not to mention, the first African American to earn the Masters green jacket. Tiger continued to win Major after Major until commentators and golf industry professionals began speculating that this might be the guy to beat Jack Nicklaus’ Major wins (18 career Major championships). As a result, over the next 12 years, Tiger was named the player of the year for 10 of those years. His name, “Tiger”, fit the glove.

That is until the fame got to his head. In 2009, Tiger Woods’ life took a turn for the worst. His reputation was shot within a couple of seconds. In late November, the golf professional crashed into a fire hydrant late at night after reportedly having a fight with his wife. She was armed with a golf club and smashed the rear window of his SUV. The accident had reporters and media snooping in Tiger’s personal life and reputation. Soon enough, individuals from his past saw an opportunity to expose him and destroy his reputation. Mistresses came forward and within a couple of weeks, Tiger was the PGA Tour’s very own man whore. Media put two and two together realizing that that was likely was him and his wife were arguing about. Withal his mistakes, the golfer made a public statement soon after apologizing for his behaviour. Trying to repair his physical and online reputation, the golfer began behaving online and offline… until Sunday night. Early Monday morning, Tiger got charged with a DUI in Florida. It is 2009 all over again.

Online Reputation Repair has come across many cases where fame gets to celebrity’s head. Can they really have it all in the spotlight? Reputation companies around the world are anxiously awaiting Tiger’s story for his recent behaviour.

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