The Biggest Business Security Risks And How To Fight Back

Over the past decade, security breaches have made big news in the media. Despite many years of news stories about distributed denial-of-service and safety leaks to the repeated accomplishments from the business security personnel that these companies needed act fast to protect their information, many small firms and businesses are never protected from these numerous threats.

According to the State of Risk Report by Trustwave, many small businesses and large corporations have a small system of protecting their information against internal and external attacks. As a matter of fact, they have only protected their information from external attacks. They have omitted the fact that an internal attack can occur. Most of these businesses have no system to track and control sensitive data.

Let’s look at the likely causes and sources of security breaches and what companies should do to be protected from them.

1. Uninformed or Careless Employees
A casual worker who can leave his phone in the public car is as dangerous as that worker who is full of extreme negligence. He will leave his phone exposed to the malicious people out there who might sell that data or information to their competitor. In a similar case, employees who do not possess the correct training against the bad security practices will wreck the worst havoc on the small business or company information. Employees who do not possess the necessary knowledge of weak passwords will leave your company prone to external and internal security attacks. These employees can, therefore, visit those unauthorized websites and click the suspicious links to open malicious websites. Most attacks use this phishing method to steal passwords from the uninformed individuals in a company setup. This is the worst form of security threat that employees can cause to the company if they do not have the correct security training.

Solution: be sure to have your employees trained on the most common cyber security practices. Moreover, be sure to offer the most sophisticated ongoing support to these employees. For some employees, they lack knowledge on how to protect themselves when in online platforms. This is also one of the worst forms of security breaches to a company. Be sure to hold numerous training sessions for employees to learn more about password management. These employees must also hack through key loggers and phishing. To make sure they have the right resources, provide ongoing support.

2. Disgruntled employees
One of the biggest threats facing company systems and data is the internal attacks. Members of the Information Technology department can access your networks admin accounts, and data centers to cause the most unexpected damage in the world. In the recent past, we have seen many companies fall due to the internal security attacks. Sony is the best example of a company that suffered from these attacks.

Solutions: the best thing to do is to mitigate the privileged account exploitation. You should do this by identifying the credentials of all privileged accounts and terminate those under rare use. Terminate them if they have a connection to non-employees. Do not avoid the expense management services.


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