The Best Time to Get Sales Training For Your Team

Telesales training is a very important part of any telesales persons career. Without it, a sales person can’t be as effective and reach their full potential. Technologies, techniques and laws are always changing, so it’s important to keep your team up to date and always trained.

Here are some of the best times for a telesales team member to get some fresh training. For London based telesales training, get in touch with Simon Kenna.

  1. On a Monday – 

    Nobody likes Monday’s. So instead of putting your team straight to work on a Monday morning, why not start the day with a training session instead? This helps to bring the latest sales techniques to the front of your teams minds right at the start of the week. Make your training fun and exciting, so it’s something your team looks forward to each week.

  2. December – 

    It’s a nightmare to get a hold of anyone on the phone over Christmas. December is the worst month for sales, so don’t waste that time and get some training instead. The opportunity cost of these sessions will be much less because the weeks will be quiet for telesales anyway.

  3. When you get a new product or service – 

    If your business has just launched a new product or service, it’s time for some more training. When a new product or service is introduced, it may not be sold in the same way as existing ones. If there’s a chance that your new products can be sold differently to get more sales, fresh training can help your team get up to speed on the new techniques.

  1. When a new team member joins your company – 

    When a new telesales person comes into your team, it’s a great time for the whole team to get some extra training. New starters always get trained anyway, so why not pull the whole team in for a quick refresher course with them. This will help the team to bond as well.

  2. When the training is free – 

    Telesales training courses are sometimes offered for free, so you should snap these opportunities up when they come.

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