Guides on the Two Payment Methods for Cryptocurrency

When it comes to the payment of cryptocurrency, there are two popular methods, which are PPS and PPLNS. Now, one of the popular pools for mining ethereum is ethpool, the ethpool payout scheme is good, but there are certain reasons why PPS and PPLNS are considered, more the reason why there is always a battle of PPS vs PPLNS.

Mining pools are a way to work together with other miners to increase the speed at which coins can be mined. They use a variety of payment methods such as PPS vs PPLNS.

Thus, let us know more about what PPS and PPLNS is all about and how these two works so that you get a clear view of what you should choose if you are going to make some payments for cryptocurrency.

All about PPS (Pay Per Share)

PPS, which is the abbreviated term used for ‘Pay per Share’, it is considered as one of the most common calculation. The principle in which it works is that, there is a standard pay-out which is kept fixed for each and every miner. This pay-out is again fixed, based on the power of processing, which is contributed. This denotes that the power of your machine is directly proportional to your contribution. In other words, with the increase of your power of your machine, your contribution increases.

All about PPLNS (Pay Per Last “N” Shares)

Though PPS (Pay per Share) is considered as one of the most common calculation, there is also a very common and favourite alternative which is set to PPS (Pay per Share). This is PPLNS. PPLNS stands for ‘Pay per Last “N” Shares’. The thing about PPLNS (Pay per Last “N” Shares) is that, the amount of pay-out is generally higher than PPS, but the thing is that, there is a lot of luck or a lot of unpredictability involved with PPLNS (Pay per Last “N” Shares). This is because; the calculation of PPLNS (Pay per Last “N” Shares) is calculated on the number of shares, which is denoted by the “N” in the name of the payment itself. With the change in the number of shares or value of shares, one’s PPLNS (Pay per Last “N” Shares) will also change.

The outcome is pretty simple and not to complex. If you would like to bank on a stable and predictable payment scheme, go for PPS (Pay per Share). Else, if you want to bank on your luck and generally a higher pay-out, go for the PPLNS (Pay per Last “N” Shares).