3 Methods of Getting a Credit Card Even When You Don’t Work

Getting a credit card is also a very significant financial device in the world today.  Many business transactions such like renting a car or making arrangements for travel is somewhat difficult to manage without having a credit card.  Credit cards from a bank require that you have proof of employment.  Well, here is the problem – what if you don’t have a real daily job.  Examples of this can be when you are:

  • A writer;
  • Member of a band;
  • Journalist;
  • Freelance work;
  • Actor;

So, yes it is likely that you can get a credit card while you don’t have a real 9 to 5 job!

Method 1

You will be able to get a secured credit card which requires the applicant to submit a deposit that is refundable first.  Then most banks or financial institutions will grant you a line of credit that is equal to the deposit amount.  A secured credit card may be used just like any other credit card.  This is a type of credit card that is a good option to consider especially if you are rebuilding your credit.  After so many months of good credit on this card, they will refund your deposit.

Method 2

You might think about applying for a credit card as a student.  If you are currently enrolled in a college and have investment assets, or a trust fund, you could probably qualify for this type of loan.  Review some requirements for a student credit card and see if there is one that is good for you.

Method 3

You can consider applying for a credit card using ‘community property’ as your source of income.  If you are married and your spouse works but you don’t there are states that categorize your spouse’s income as ‘community property’.  So you are entitled to the income that your spouse brings home as your income.

Not all states allow this type of credit.  But the ones that do include:

  • Wisconsin;
  • Washington;
  • Texas;
  • New Mexico;
  • Nevada;
  • Louisiana;
  • Idaho;
  • California;

You can apply at your bank or apply online.  In the majority of cases, you will be able to apply from your computer.  If you prefer to go to your bank and finish the application in person, make sure that you have all necessary documentation with you.