Supplier Base & Quality:

We dedicate ourselves everyday as a leading provider in Bangladesh for quality garments and services. SM TEX Sourcing constantly fulfills customer’s needs with expert professionalism and integrity.A�A�

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We carefully evaluate every revise the paper factory with our technical and commercial teams carrying out detailed inspections to ensure quality and integrity.A�A�

Moreover, all factories must sign and agree to follow strictly the SM TEX Sourcing terms:A�

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With our prominent presence, We, SM TEX take advantage of our strong ability to invest and source from virtually any country or throughout Bangladesh.

We also enjoy long-standing interaction with a stable roster of off-shore suppliers all of whom have proven records of success and the capability to satisfy any customer’s necessities.A�




Quality is our main motto, it varies customer to customer. From sampling to shipment, we ensure the quality to the customera��s requirement. We count in time shipment, correct documentation, destination and management of goods as a part of quality also. We hope advance criticism & advice from you and believe in extra care for whole supply chain and market niche …….to support our partners or associates for long run.

SM TEX Sourcing checkA� the quality ingredients, goods,A� fiber, construction of fabric, GSM, Shrinkage, colorfastness to wash and rubbing, twisting, pilling test, quality of buttons and accessories. We have our own test procedure and to ensure the confirmation of actual requirement, sometimes materials and products are faced to the third party inspection or test by TA?V SA?D, TA?V Rheinland, Intertek, SGS, Bureau Veritas, MTS , SgT, …..As you like. Pills


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To insure the toxic and hazardous free chemical products such as phthalates, nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs) and azo dyes ……We always investigate by the third party for the confirmation of toxic free and the detection free of using of toxic and hazardous chemicals and also to find out the presence of those chemicals in the products of those facilities. For the confirmation of toxic and hazardous free chemical, we always take help the international authorized organizations to ensure the detailed description, some as described below. purchase zeritu

For healthy clothing to the next generation, we always take help from the third party like TA?V SA?D, TA?V Rheinland, Intertek, SGS, Bureau Veritas, MTS, SgT, A�……as you advise.

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