Silvertrac: Advanced Real-Time Reporting Technology

Security, maintenance and parking lot management are typically handled by contractors, not the property owners. These companies have quality metrics, and legal obligations, built into their contracts. They need to keep their clients happy and informed. Silvertrac Software has several customizable features that meet these reporting obligations, while optimizing staffing needs, and facilitating record keeping. Request a demo today at

Guard Management

Silvertrac software means always knowing where each member of your security guard staff is. The integrated GPS shows their exact locations. It also interfaces with QR code checkpoints along their routes. Easily installed on any smartphone, it is an affordable and dependable way to ensure security service meets the clients’ expectations.


Security guards and maintenance personnel can record the details of any incidents easily and accurately. Reports can include GPS information, customized data fields, and time-stamped photo and audio files. Staff members can create the report in the field, while the facts are still fresh in their mind, not hours later at a PC. An accurate voice recognition features makes entering textual data simple.


Maintenance requests, and alarm notifications, can be handled through the application. The GPS locaters allow managers to dispatch the nearest qualified employee to handle the event. From the first phone call to the final report, the data, responses and details are integrated in one program.


Silvertrac allows managers to ensure security guards aren’t slacking off. Integrates with QR code scanners, if a guard skips a checkpoint along their route, the app will record it. Incident trends can also be analyzed through reports, and checkpoint routes adjusted, based on the GPS and timestamp information stored.


Silvertrac software allows you to easily manage the day-to-day routine in parking lots. Residents simply register the make, model and plates of their own vehicles, and any guests, through the software. This allows security and parking lot staff to stay informed. Fewer staff members are required to monitor parking lots and properties. Infractions can be logged with GPS and time-stamped details. Valet services can easily match vehicle to parking slots, track vehicles and employees, and create backup information with photographs.

Field Training

Managers can program task lists into the Silvertrac software. This helps new employees navigate the sites, locate work stations, and complete tasks with minimal assistance. Supervisors are able to delegate work orders promptly, and employees can update the task status, through Silvertrac. Dispatchers, supervisors, administrators have access to reports that help evaluate the performance of teams, or individuals.


Through Silvertrac, managers can create customized inspection reports for buildings, vehicles, utilities, and general safety. The speech-to-text feature eliminates handwritten reports. Using a smartphone, inspectors can collect data quickly. Facility managers can then easily generate individual and summary inspection reports.

The Silvertrac system lets you receive alerts, keep accurate records, eliminates paper reports, and monitor employees in real-time. The ideal business technology system adapts to the way you operate now and allows for future growth and evolution. Selecting the best software for your security, maintenance, vending, or parking business involves balancing cost vs benefits. Get the Silvertrac demo today to see how it will perform for you.

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