Installation Tips That May Help Achieve A Cost-Effective Underground Fiber Optic Cable Network

 Installation of fiber optic cable network is a huge and cumbersome process that requires meticulous planning and flawless execution. If you want to maximize the benefits of optical fiber networks, the first obvious step is to get the installation done quickly as well as cost-smartly. It is worth noticing that optical fiber cables are, undoubtedly, a bit expensive, but the cost is covered appreciably over the years of use. Copper cables which were quite in vogue before the development of optical fiber cable did not have such longevity as what is guaranteed by the latter.  To meet the growing need of faster and easy to deploy networks, optical fibers have offered better option than copper cables, and so, the next challenge is to learn the ways of quicker and seamless installation so that the network remains stable as well as available for years, allowing the user to derive maximum benefits from the investment made.

Know about the correct installation procedures

The world of optical fibers is quite enriched. Some of these are buried underground in ducts, while others may require trenching. Apart from the type of optical fiber cable, it is the location and the extent of reach desired that influences the decision involving installation procedure. So, here are some of the installation procedures that are fit for the kind of network sought after.

Direct burial installation

This installation involves the plowing or burying of cables in a trench. Cozlink steel armored types of outdoor fiber cables that constitute cross-border networks can be quickly installed using direct burial installation. In direct burial installation procedure, do not miss grounding the cable properly. Termination points, entrances of the building and splicing joints are some of the locations where grounding is must.

The situations under the ground are not asfavorable as it seems above the surface. Extreme temperatures, pressure and moisture, apart from pest infestation and rodent bites are some of the hazards awaiting the cables buried underground. Steel armor helps save on direct burial fiber optic cable price by ensuring sustenance against these environmental challenges. The correct installation method is to bury the cable atleast 36 to 48 inches deep to ensure ample protection against all sorts of hazards.


Underground duct installation

This installation procedure helps save on expansion cost as the need to dig again is totally abolished. This is one of the most sought after installation procedures that help reduce the optical fiber cable cost by providing long lasting networks suitable for urban areas. You can get away with armor in this installation procedure.

Urban areas are in constant use and it becomes really taxing for commuters to find the roads dug apart. Duct installation method for underground fiber optic cable is certainly a profit-making proposition for both the buyers as well as sellers and it also affects positively all those people who are directly or indirectly involved in the process.


How to prepare for underground optical fiber cable installation

 A well-prepared installation plan is the battle half won. There are a number of checks, recordings, documentation and reviews required to achieve network that spells reliability and durability. This is how you must prepare to get the installation done in a cost-effective manner:

  1. Obtain all necessary approvals from the relevant authorities: This is essential to carry out under legal framework so that all your actions are understandably adjusted with.
  2. Pay attention to the existing cables, pipes and conduits that constitute underground network.
  3. Assess the soil condition and then pick the correct depth, compatible fiber cable type, duct type and drilling or trenching or plowing equipment. Accumulate all the materials accordingly to assure uninterrupted installation process.
  4. Decide which burial technique to implement. There are various burial techniques that can be used to install optical fiber cable network. Such as trenching, plowing or directional boring.


This is the burial technique that allows practicing better control. Trenches can be dug both manually and mechanically as per the depth required. This is certainly a slow process as it involves lot of checking.


This is faster but may prove damaging to cable if the process if not carried out carefully and monitored on a regular basis. The fiber optic cable price may start hurting if there is even an iota of carelessness followed while carrying out this process.

Directional boring

There are certain surfaces that cannot be tempered with any cost. Highways, railway crossings, etc are some locations where surface needs to be kept intact and is actually under the legislation of some other departments, seeking approval from those is another time-consuming matter to deal with. Thus, a boring machine is employed for creating a sufficiently wide hole beneath the surface, a duct is pushed slightly and then optical cables are pulled into this conduit to complete the process.

Pay attention to these factors and increase life of underground fiber optic cable

A wiser approach towards installation procedure is certainly worth knowing given the high ofc cable price at which it is available. So, here are some pointers that must not miss your attention:

  1. If you are installing ofc cable network in a cold region, then it is necessary to choose the depth that is fairly below the frost line. Ground frost heaves can prove to be a menace to such valuable network.
  2. Keeping the trench as straight as possible with flat and leveled bottom can help distribute the cable load uniformly and provide requisite protection to the cables.
  3. It is advisable not to leave the optical fiber cable network without warning signs. Else, it may lead to hazardous digging operations that may destroy such a valuable communications network.
  4. Minimum bending radius must not be ignored during installation as this is essential to avoid unwanted breakage or any kind of damage.
  5. Grounding should never be missed when armored cables are to be installed.

To conclude,

A tool is of no use if you do not know how to wield it. Similarly, the best quality optical fiber cable brought from high quality outlet such as a mere bundle of cables if you lag on installation knowledge. Simple mistakes can wreak havoc on the functionality of network and the whole purpose of moving to a pricier optical cable networking solution may get defeated. So, master the art of installation as the knowledge and awareness only can help you realize the true potential of optical fiber network.

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