How to Market Your Dental Job Vacancy

We all know that filling a job vacancy within your dental office can be a laborious chore – both in terms of time and money. It is vitally important that when you advertise for various dental jobs that are available, that you hire the right employee for the vacancy at the first time of asking. This can be a difficult task, as there are many different things to consider.

So how do you effectively advertise a job opening? First off, what is considered effective? A recruitment process that is considered effective is one which allows you to hire the right employee in a time and money efficient way using limited effort. There are no hard and fast rules to follow when filling a vacancy, as each candidate will be different. You need to apply rules of thumb and proven techniques to choose the right candidate.

Write an Effective Advertisement

Before posting your job advertisement, you need to ensure that what you have written on your advertisement accurately and concisely explains the position, the roles and tasks the successful candidate will be expected to do, and communicates the job opening in an exciting and engaging manner. It is important to include the job title in the heading of the advertisement for prospective candidates to see whether they should read more about the opportunity. You must list the most important tasks that the candidate will be expected to complete on a day to day basis, as well as communicating the skills, experience and education that the candidate must possess in order to apply for the position. We’d also recommend giving a concise overview of your dental office and its various successes and achievements to give the appearance that your dental office will be a great place to work at. Finish the advertisement by letting the candidates know how to apply, and include closing dates and whether any special requirements are expected of the candidate.

Advertise on is one of the internet’s best resources for finding qualified candidates for a dental position you are looking to fill. When you post your job opportunity, candidates who meet your criteria can apply for the job, which allows you to draw up a short list for the interview process. The advantages of is that it allows you to advertise only to people who are interested in applying for a job in dentistry. For example, if you used traditional advertising methods such as a newspaper, how likely would it be that a prospective dental candidate will actually see the article? allows you to reach a targeted audience in short amount of time, which is cost effective.

For more information about marketing your job advertisement on DentReps, check out this link ( where you will find the latest options available for advertising your job opening.

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