How To Deal With Violators Of A MAP Policy

Everything with your with business is going well until you suddenly receive an alert stating a seller has violated a MAP policy with one of your products. Dealing with a situation like this can be time-consuming and even a little overwhelming. However, a Trade Vitality MAP Policy gives you many ways and ideas to help you deal with any MAP policy violators.

They Help You With Email Warnings and Alerts

Trade Vitality’s MAP Monitoring will send you an immediate alert if a selling violation is found with one of your products. You can then send an email to the violator or have a pre-written one sent. The first email will be written as a warning to the seller to tell them that they are in violation of a MAP policy. If they continue to do so, you can continue to send them various daily emails notifying them of this problem and telling them that you’ll revoke their ability to sell your products if they don’t quickly fix it.

You Can Use Their Free Email Templates

If you’re having a hard time with how to word an email to a MAP policy violator, Trade Vitality has you covered. They can supply you with 3 free email templates which you can use to help construct a powerful email that will help you with this tricky situation. They will walk you step-by-step through the process and give you plenty of ideas of what to say. These templates not only help to save time, but will help you to write the email in such a way to keep you in constant communication with a violator to make sure that everything is eventually sorted out.

You Can Track the Violating Seller

Once you are alerted to a selling violation, you can immediately keep track of the violating seller. This will give you constant access to how they are selling your products and if they have taken the email warnings you sent them seriously. You can send as many warning emails as you’d like until you feel that they have been warned enough.

After warning a seller about them violating a MAP policy and monitoring their sales of your products, you can work to take legal action against them if they don’t end this violation. This legal action can ensure they stop selling your products completely. It’s a good idea to create and save screenshots of their actions to help back up your claims if any legal situation does need to be taken. However, if you’d like to prevent having to go down this road you have one other option. You can deny new products being sold to the seller to help make it clear that your warnings are real. If they don’t stop after this though, you should probably look toward taking legal action.

Having to deal with violators of your MAP policy can be daunting, but Trade Vitality can help you with any problems you might have with one. They can alert you to violators and unauthorized sellers of your products. This can help to make sure your business runs smoothly and your profit isn’t being stolen.

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