Three Tips For Big Wins In Tournaments

Online rummy in India has grown to become an increasingly popular medium for entertainment as well as skill enhancement. Rummy being a strategy based game, holds high value for players who prefer spending their leisure time in skill-building activities. One can conveniently download the rummy app or play on the website whenever they wish to and this factor alone has added a lot of credibility to the game. Apart from the practice and cash games most rummy sites offer, players can also join rummy tournaments or ‘tourneys’ and win enticing bonuses. Participating in rummy tourneys is quite simple, but the challenge lies in winning an entire tourney. Players that target the big wins need to have a strategy in mind before they register and start playing. If you too aspire to get the top rewards in rummy tourneys, have a look at these three major tips before you register for the next tournament.

Play on the Higher Tables

Higher tables usually guarantee big wins since there are fewer players, hence a lower level of competition. While registering, choose a tourney with higher stakes to get the big wins. But, you must not forget that even though the number of players is small, yet their skill level is quite high. You must be confident of your rummy skills, and if the need arises, practice as much as you can before the tournament begins.

Thorough Practice

One must work harder to achieve bigger goals. The same rule applies to online rummy too, and your preparation must be in sync with your goals. After registering for a tourney, a player has enough time to practice and improve their skills. Try playing both the practice games and cash games so that you get to play against opponents with a varied skill-level. It will help you prepare for any situation during the main competition. Since Deals Rummy is the most common variant played in tourneys, hence you must ensure to level up your skills beforehand.

Retain your Focus

Registering for and playing a tournament usually is a well-planned move. It would be wise to play with the same energy and enthusiasm from the beginning until the end. Ensure that you apply the same level of skills and strategies throughout the tournament. This would give you an edge over other players who either start out weak or lose their spark by the end of the tourney. If you remain consistent with your strategies, there’s a higher chance of you being able to score a position in the top players than if you prefer to play otherwise.


Getting Big wins in online rummy tournaments is a tough job and requires ample dedication and practice. But it is not an impossible feat, and if you are a rummy enthusiast, you’ll find out ways to get those big wins. All we would suggest is that you must not lose heart, and keep practising with the same vigour and passion, improve your strategies and polish your skills to become a pro in the rummy tourneys. Keep the above three tips in mind before playing the next tournament. We wish you have a great time playing the game.


The Benefits of Strategic Key Account Management

One of the key reasons that companies implement or take the aid of KAM approach is to prevent their potential clients from migrating to some other company. In other words, KAM is a process that builds a win-win relationship with its potential clients that proves to be beneficial for both the company and the client. Therefore, the companies that implement the approach of key account management always stay a step ahead than the companies that don’t.

What Are The Benefits Of Key Account Management?

It is because of the following listed benefits that the companies follow the latest Account Management trends

  1. Client Retention: A company that takes good care of their key clients and maintains a healthy relationship with them should stay a step ahead than its competitors. The process of KAM focuses on the retention of the potential clients so that they never feel the need to shift to any other company. Key account managers are the people who take the responsibility of nurturing the key accounts. With the help of their skills, they build and maintain relationships with the key clients which prove to be beneficial to both the parties.
  2. Revenue Generation: The most important task of any company is the generation of revenue. That’s because a company cannot prosper without the generation of revenue. With the help of a strategic key account management approach, a company can engage clients, maintain the key accounts and build relationships with the key clients and thus, contribute to the increase in revenue generation of the company.
  3. Referrals: If your business is booming with the aid of strategic account management, you can expect other companies to come and inquire about a partnership. Satisfied key clients will sing praises to their peers about your company and thus, intrigue them to build a partnership with you.
  4. The growth of The Company: The process of KAM focuses on achieving the ultimate goals of the company and thus, contributing to the growth of the company. Therefore, the companies that implement the approach of key account management are more successful than the companies that don’t.
  5. Customer Satisfaction: With the help of strategic account management plan, a company is able to cater to every need of its key clients and thus, provide increased satisfaction to them.

In short, the implementation of a good strategic KAM is not only beneficial to the company but, it is also beneficial to its key customers.


Ninja Tips for Choosing the Perfect Spot on the Floor

Location is one of the most important aspects when it comes to getting your booth flooded with attendees during events. Most exhibitors, however, do not know how to select the best spots, which will guarantee them with an endless flow of traffic once the doors to the event open. Here are some ninja tips you can use to get prime spots for maximum exposure on the floor:

Get them while they are fresh

When the show floor opens, the attendees are usually alert, refreshed and happy to be there. This is the right time to get their attention and this can happen when exhibiting close to the traditional hall entrances. At such positions, the attendees will not just be in a great position to see your booth, but will also have a memorable experience with your brand.

Don’t set up near competition

You may think it is a good idea to set up your exhibition booth near your competition, with the hope that you may appear more attractive to the attendees than competitors. However, this is not advisable because your competition may not just be stronger than you and outdo you on the floor, but also, the attendees will have an option to not consider your brand because the competition is just close by. It is vital to set up away from competition so that you become the only solution provider when attendees visit your booth. You don’t give them room to wander away.


Inquire with the show manager before the event

This is the easiest way to get a sweet spot on the floor during events. Although, you should be mindful that managers are also being contacted by other exhibitors concerning the same thing, and in order to beat the competition at this game, be sure to get in touch as early as possible to have your spot reserved before others snatch it away from you.

Avoid the bathrooms

Some people think that exhibiting close torestrooms is a good idea due to the high traffic. But time and time again, this has proven not to be true because: one, when people go to the bathroom, they don’t have your products or services in mind and two, the bathroom may not create the right ambience and may actually act as a deterrent to generating interest in your products or services.


How To Deal With Violators Of A MAP Policy

Everything with your with business is going well until you suddenly receive an alert stating a seller has violated a MAP policy with one of your products. Dealing with a situation like this can be time-consuming and even a little overwhelming. However, a Trade Vitality MAP Policy gives you many ways and ideas to help you deal with any MAP policy violators.

They Help You With Email Warnings and Alerts

Trade Vitality’s MAP Monitoring will send you an immediate alert if a selling violation is found with one of your products. You can then send an email to the violator or have a pre-written one sent. The first email will be written as a warning to the seller to tell them that they are in violation of a MAP policy. If they continue to do so, you can continue to send them various daily emails notifying them of this problem and telling them that you’ll revoke their ability to sell your products if they don’t quickly fix it.

You Can Use Their Free Email Templates

If you’re having a hard time with how to word an email to a MAP policy violator, Trade Vitality has you covered. They can supply you with 3 free email templates which you can use to help construct a powerful email that will help you with this tricky situation. They will walk you step-by-step through the process and give you plenty of ideas of what to say. These templates not only help to save time, but will help you to write the email in such a way to keep you in constant communication with a violator to make sure that everything is eventually sorted out.

You Can Track the Violating Seller

Once you are alerted to a selling violation, you can immediately keep track of the violating seller. This will give you constant access to how they are selling your products and if they have taken the email warnings you sent them seriously. You can send as many warning emails as you’d like until you feel that they have been warned enough.

After warning a seller about them violating a MAP policy and monitoring their sales of your products, you can work to take legal action against them if they don’t end this violation. This legal action can ensure they stop selling your products completely. It’s a good idea to create and save screenshots of their actions to help back up your claims if any legal situation does need to be taken. However, if you’d like to prevent having to go down this road you have one other option. You can deny new products being sold to the seller to help make it clear that your warnings are real. If they don’t stop after this though, you should probably look toward taking legal action.

Having to deal with violators of your MAP policy can be daunting, but Trade Vitality can help you with any problems you might have with one. They can alert you to violators and unauthorized sellers of your products. This can help to make sure your business runs smoothly and your profit isn’t being stolen.


Guess what’s the most dangerous type of auto accident?

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What does the future hold for lift design and engineering?

The future for lift design and engineering is bright. There has already been a breakthrough in lift technology so how can they possibly get any better?

Platform lifts are commonly used in the home and the workplace to enhance the overall accessibility for wheelchair users. They are an easy addition to make to any business and property size and allow you to comply with the Equality Act 2010.

Here’s how lift design and engineering is set to improve:


The open vertical platform lift is supplied by Level Access Lifts to suit a wide variety of businesses, either public or private but can also be designed to fit perfectly in the home.

Future developments will foresee these lifts being used for increasingly more applications and suiting, even more, needs and requirements.

Speed and performance.

Open vertical platform lifts are designed to provide wheelchair users with an ideal solution for getting up and downstairs easily. Although they are not designed to provide quick transportation for wheelchair users, they operate efficiently, reducing the need for users to climb out of their wheelchair.

You can expect the platform lift to be developed in generations to come, operating at faster speeds without compromising safety. In terms of performance, the platform lift already offer high performance but this is predicted to be enhanced, even more, providing a more reliable way for wheelchair users to access various levels independently.

Technological developments.

The future holds many new and innovative challenges for lift design and lift engineering, take the open vertical platform lifts for instance. These lifts are ideal for an array of needs and requirements, offering suitability for light and heavy-duty applications. Level Access Lifts provide these platform lifts to suit the size and style of any property, ensuring that they look professional and make no compromise to functionality.

The vertical platform lifts have already progressed rapidly, it’s likely that you’ll be able to tailor these more specifically to suit your unique demands with regards to style and design.


The vertical platform lifts from Level Access Lifts are ideal for transporting customers/residents from A to B. They eliminate any discomfort and the need for them to be assisted up a set of stairs. The Level Access lifts are perfect for providing everyone with equal opportunity and accessibility.

The lift design is set to provide added comfort, enabling wheelchair users to restore their independence and access the same areas as those without disabilities.


The design of the platform lifts is simple. Where safety is a priority, the design often takes a backseat, however, in future generations, the design of the lifts is predicted to improve and be more creative.

You’ll be able to make the platform lift the centrepiece of your home or business, ensuring that your facilities are not only practical but cutting edge too!

Magnetic Levitation.

Lift design and engineering are expected to improve dramatically in years to come, incorporating frictionless technology. The magnetic levitation can be used to enhance the overall performance of the vertical platform lifts.

In addition to this, the magnetic levitation is designed to make platform lifts safer and more user-friendly but to also offer high efficiency.

Platform lifts are already designed to be high-performing and reliable, and with future developments, you can only expect the lift design to be improved significantly!

Check out the range of platform lifts available from Level Access Lifts today!