Attributes that Make a Good Auto Specialist

Your car’s best companion is a good auto specialist. Nobody would want to have a poor auto mechanic, dealing with your automobile. That would be a total disaster. We do not know the importance of a mechanic unless your vehicle stops abruptly in the middle of the road. Your-one-call-away auto specialist should identify and analyze the problem and get your vehicle moving quickly. For some people, auto specialists turn into family friends creating a great rapport.

Every automobile owner needs to have a personal auto specialist to go to. You do not want to get your hands greasy and dirty while heading to an important place.

But before choosing any specialist you need to know and identify a good one. Here are some guidelines to help you.

Client dealing capabilities

 Firstly, a good auto specialist should be able to brief the problem clearly to the customer. They should be capable of answering any questions posed by the owner of the vehicle. People invest a lot of money in an automobile and they would most probably want a good mechanic to deal with their vehicle. Lastly, a specialist with a polite and kind tone is who you will need to have a trouble-free experience. French auto specialists stand out as an excellent example for having good customer service.

Quick analysis 

The automobile owner would not want to have their vehicle taken for service without letting them know about the issue first. An excellent auto specialist will look at your transport and give you a quick overview of the complication swiftly. The parts needed for replacement should be informed prior. He should be skilled to pinpoint other unknown defects and up-gradation of the automobile.

Knowledgeable and skillful

A smart and intelligent auto specialist should be able to work on all branded vehicles from small cars to big trucks. They must possess good workmanship. The person should have good expertise in the recent use of technology and be mindful of the innovative methods because they would not know which vehicle they are going to deal with each day. French auto specialists are a pro in dealing with all models of vehicles. A knack to know about every part of the transport starting from the fuel system to air conditioning is a big advantage. Also, they should be able to work with various tools to make the engine working. Quick restoration of a vehicle is an example of a fine specialist. They should have years of hands-on practice dealing with damaged transport.


Before you give your keys to the auto specialist make sure he is certified. A good specialist will always have certification courses finished ahead. To identify a certified mechanic, observe his away around the vehicle and the terms he uses to describe the failure of the engine effectively. A person with many loyal customers regularly can be trusted. Their originality will be seen in the replacement of the right equipment for the vehicle instead of duplicate products.

Individuals who own transport must keep in mind the qualities of a good auto specialist before letting someone handle your precious vehicle. Your car or truck will thank you later.


What Is Etherum and How Can I Trade It?

Bitcoin’s meteoric rise and more recently its phenomenal decline has put a spotlight firmly onto digital currencies, also known as cryptocurrencies. Ethereum, is one of the many now gaining interest as a result. Those who are not familiar with the dynamics of the individual cryptocurrency could mistakenly generalise their purpose based on their similarities. Bitcoin for example is a global financial network whereas Ethereum aims to replace Internet third parties.


Ethereum’s platform is designed to build and run smart contracts. Smart contracts are computer codes that facilitate the exchange of money or anything of value. This technology eliminates the middleman, whilst upholding the rules and penalties of an agreement and enforcing them automatically. These contracts are run on a blockchain network, exactly as programmed, removing the possibility of censorship, downtime, fraud or third party interference.


Ethereum’s use is broad. Industries such as finance, healthcare and governance all use intermediary services that could potentially be replaced by decentralised applications. This would protect data and make exchanges more transparent. Ethereum is a tradable cryptocurrency, Ether, can be mined and used to pay for transaction fees or services on its network.


Blockchain, Ethereum’s database, decentralises applications as its network is hosted on many computers around the world. Every transaction is recorded on every computer and can only be modified if multiple computers agree. The data is stored by everyone but can only be accessed by a special password or private key.


The origins of Ether are after Bitcoin so Ether never reached the same highs as Bitcoin, it still experienced an extraordinary rise across 2017. Ether rallied from just $0.5 to highs above $1400, before descending sharply in 2018. Ether is currently below $1000 following the heavy sell off in cryptocurrencies on Friday. 

Where to trade Ether?

Whilst Ether can be traded through crypto exchanges such as Coinbase, Bitstamp, Kraken and Gemini, these exchanges and the use of a wallet leave you open to potential hacks and your coins being stolen. If you are looking to capitalise on the movement of Ether, without the security issues associated to owning the virtual currency, then it could be better to trade without ownership via a broker such as Mo.


Moneta Markets is a Forex Broker based in Australia. They are regulated by the Australian Investment Securities Commission. When trading cryptocurrencies it is really important to make sure you do so through a regulated broker. If you don’t, you are leaving yourself exposed to many potential problems, which will most likely cost you money at then end of the day.


Moneta Markets has won many awards for its superior offering and exceptional client service. It also offers its clients the possibility to trade cryptocurrencies through the world renowned MT4 platform.


Can Descriptive Statistical Analysis Help Your Business Grow?

Data statistics and analysis have long been useful when it comes to evaluating something. Whether you have a business or you run a small firm, you should be aware of these. But even though you follow the analysis reports, sometimes pulling your business out of trouble is still hard to do. Wondering why is that when you have the data and its breakdown both?

Perhaps you need to have something more in-depth like a descriptive statistical analysis (analisis statistik deskriptif, which is the term in Indonesian) of company data and records. If you want to get more into this, do goon reading below.

Understanding Descriptive Statistics In Concision

Broadly speaking, descriptive statistics is like a summary of an essay, sans the fact that you see a description of data here. It is like a summary statistic, which can show you the quantitative description of some collected information. That is where descriptive statistical analysis comes where you can get an analysis of the statistics collected.

How it differs from data analysis is that it is like the next level of that. Means, you get more analyzed facts and figures, more description, which can make your visions clear in a better way.

How Does Descriptive Analysis Help In Statistical Analysis?

Descriptive statistical analysis is not something extraordinary. It is just an easy version of your usual statistical analysis. What does it mean by an easy version? Well, you can get simple summaries for the observations that you have in quantitative modes. Graphs or any other kind of visual representation is something more prevalent here. These summaries are itself sufficient for you to recognize the holes in your business and fix it.

Talking about the business world, you can find descriptive statistical analysis to be famous among investors and brokers to the most. They need the data and in-depth statistical analysis for making better decisions in the coming days.

Can This Assist Your Business In Its Growth?

This is no marketing strategy or some sort of promotional formula to actively boost your company’s growth. However, it can help you in making important business decisions as said above. It is because your ideas become clear as you get to know about the data and its description in detail.

Descriptive statistical analysis is gradually becoming a common practice in the industry. The help, the industries are getting for it is the reason behind it.


Starting A Business: Guide For Beginners

Setting up a new business and that too for the first time is a huge responsibility. There goes a lot of hard work into setting up a business. Not just that but you also need to determine the things you want to incorporate your business.

The story of the company set up in Singapore or any other country is almost the same. In this post, we will discuss the important steps to set up a new business.

Here is what you have to do:

  1. Do your research

You already have a business idea in your head that you would like to proceed with. But before that, you need to find out whether it will succeed or not. This is where the need for market research helps answer all your questions. Before proceeding any further, you should research the niche to be certain about it.

  1. Prepare a plan

To set up a business, you need a concrete plan. Without proper planning, you cannot move in the right direction. You need to have a clear picture in your mind of the things that you have to accomplish to reach your goal.

  1. Get your finances ready

Your business is dependent on the finances available. Before you think of setting up a business make sure that you have arranged for the capital. If it’s a small business, you can build it using your money. If not, then you can take a loan from banks and financial institutes.

  1. Registering your business

Once you setup your business, you need to get it registered. Unless it is registered under the law, you cannot start operating it. At this point, you need to select a name for your company and get it registered. You will have to deal with a lot of paperwork at this stage, so make sure you are prepared for it.

  1. Get your license and permits

This is one of the most crucial steps in setting up a business. To start operating your business, you need to first acquire your business permit and license. The rules to apply for a business license may vary depending on the type of business you are running. So you will have to do a bit of research before applying for your license and permits.

  1. Get your team ready

Once everything is sorted, you need to prepare a team of people to work for you. In simple words, you need to hire employees based on the size of your business. The future and success of your business largely depend on your employees. This is why you will have to make sure that you are hiring the right person.

  1. Promoting your business

To gain recognition in the market, you need to start promoting your business vigorously. From online to offline, you should cater to all types of marketing mediums in your initial days. Since you are new in the market, you have to let people know about your existence.

These are the major steps involved in setting up a small business. The steps may sound easy to follow but it’s not. There can be a lot of complications and challenges in between that you will have to overcome.


8 Billion Rubles Hotel Fraud in Russia – Dmitry Romantsov (Romantsoff) & Nikita Kolesnikov

The main unfinished construction project in Cheboksary, Russia, the Suvar Hotel, may have been used to transfer incoming investments to offshore accounts and money laundering. Dmitry Romantsov (Romantsoff) fled to US. 

For several years now, Cheboksary, Russia residents and visitors to the capital of the Chuvash Republic have considered one of the most beautiful and historic parts of the city and argued amongst themselves: would the issue of the region’s first five-star, international-class hotel ever be settled? 

The arguments go on, and time goes on, but the situation does not change. And after existing for nigh on ten years, this project, which once promised so much, has become nothing more than an abandoned construction site, a thorn in Cheboksary’s side, a blight on its image. 

We decided to get to the bottom of the situation. We must say that the results of this investigative journalism have turned out to be shocking, as the massive structure of iron and concrete rising over the banks of the Gulf have been revealed to be nothing more than one small link in the republic’s biggest fraudulent scheme. But everything in its time. 

According to the Ministry of Economic Development, the Suvar Hotel project originally belonged to a large Moscow group of companies called SAVVA headed by Dmitry Romantsov (Romantsoff) and Nikita Kolesnikov, which has now been disbanded. That organization included several subsidiary companies in the construction industry: the joint-stock companies Volzhskaya Construction Group (known as VolgaStroiGroup or VSG) and VolgaStroiMontazh, as well as the limited liability companies Saret, Suvar-Hotel, VolgaStroiDevelopment, Industrial-Construction Complex (ICC), and more. 

The history of the Suvar Hotel began in 2005, when the Cheboksary city administration allocated a plot of land in the city center to a limited liability company called StroiInvestDevelopment to build a multi-functional complex called Business Center. 

City Hall made the decision based on statements made by that LLC’s director, Alexander Kasyanov, who was later sentenced to 2.5 years in a prison for tax evasion. 

In 2006, the lease agreement with StroiInvestDevelopment was dissolved and the land was transferred to Suvar Hotel LLC for the same purpose: building the Business Center. The idea to erect a sports and health complex along with the Suvar Hotel on the bank of the Gulf arose in April 2007. 

In July 2008, the MDM Bank branch in Yoshkar-Ola and VolgaStroiGroup signed an agreement to open a credit line for the company worth 700 million rubles for a term of six years. Reports indicated that the funds were allocated “to finance the construction of the Suvar hotel and sports complex,” the first 5-star hotel in the republic. The hotel launch date was announced as spring 2009. 

According to builders, at present the project is 75% ready. The construction of the Suvar Hotel, the first 5-star hotel in Russia outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg, began in 2006. The investor and the company placing the order was VolgaStroiGroup (the Chuvash Republic is part of the SAVVA group, Moscow). The project’s cost totals $40 million. MDM Bank was a financial partner, news agencies confirmed. 

“World class. It’s impressive. I didn’t expect it all to be so interesting,” said Nikolai Fyodorov, quoted by REGNUM News Agency after visiting a hastily arranged spectacle by Dmitry Romantsov (Romantsoff) that reproduced what they said was a fully decorated and furnished hotel room. “It’s sort of a shining example and gives you an impression of how the classic rooms in a five-star hotel will look,” said the president. 

The head of the republic was impressed most of all by the fact that even the standard rooms have luxurious views of the Cheboksary Gulf, and not only from the window, but from the bathroom, too. 

“I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere. A unique solution,” Fyodorov admitted at the time, emphasizing that the complex was being built to be world-class, as the REGNUM News Agency wrote. 

What’s more, at the same meeting, a decision was made to build an underground pedestrian crossing with commercial and exhibition space under Moscow Prospekt leading from the hotel to the opera and ballet theater. Instructions were also formulated for the Chuvash Republic’s responsible ministries and agencies for landscaping in the areas around the hotel; for moving a Lukoil gas station; and for building road interchanges near the Suvar. 

The Suvar Hotel is a 5-star hotel with 130 rooms. The hotel includes a multi-functional meeting space, business center, restaurants and bars, a nightclub, movie theater, wellness center, pool, ice rink, helicopter landing pad and underground parking. 

The question naturally arises of why, then, construction was frozen, despite the project’s truly promising future. There is still no answer today. 

But there is speculation that the Suvar Hotel was just one link in a long chain of financial operations carried out as part of a single scheme: aggressive PR for a particular investment project; broad, all-encompassing support from the regional government authorities; and drawing large sums of borrowed money (bank loans and shareholder funds) into the project. 

“The purpose of the scam is ridiculously banal: moving financial assets abroad and, later, bankruptcy for the firms participating in the projects. Such was the eventual fate of all the companies Dmitry Romantsov (Romantsoff) company SAVVA created in the Chuvash Republic: Volzhskaya Textile Company (VTC) filed bankruptcy papers for Cheboksary Cotton Fabric Complex and Cheboksary Knits Factory, and VolgaStroiGroup (VSG) did the same for Novocheboksarsk Building Complex, the comprehensive construction project called Novy Gorod, and the shared-equity construction projects Finskaya Dolina and Volzhsky Platinum,” says an expert from the Chuvash Republic’s Ministry of Economic Development. 

Now for the main topic: the scheme to expatriate assets invested. This is how it was done. For example (organization names have been changed. —Ed.), Volga LLC issues a loan, conditionally, for a million dollars to its employee, some physical individual. Then Volga surrenders the right to collect that loan to VolgaDomStroi, and it, in turn, transfers that right to Super-Hotel LLC, and Super-Hotel LLC transfers it to some legal entity, say, Baran Budweisers Ltd., registered in the Virgin Islands. 

“In the end, the money loaned accumulates in offshore accounts, and the employee borrower receives an acknowledgment signed by the director of Baran Budweisers, let’s call him Mr. Maseress, to the effect that that employee has fully paid off the debt and that Baran Budweisers Ltd. has no further claims against him,” says the Ministry of Economic Development. 

In total, according to the Chuvash Republic’s Ministry of Economic Development, the Dmitry Romantsov (Romantsoff) SAVVA group of companies withdrew over 8 billion rubles from the republic’s economy. Tax debts owed at all levels total 300 million. 

Managers from the middle link in the chain were prosecuted, but the big fish got away with it. SAVVA vice president Dmitry Romantsov is on the Interpol international most- 

wanted list today, and an opposition deputy in the Russian State Duma intervened on behalf of SAVVA president Nikita Kolesnikov. 

It should also be mentioned that in July of this year, the Commercial Court of the Chuvash Republic upheld a lawsuit by Yury Paramonov, the bankruptcy manager of Volzhskaya Textile Company, and required Savva Group president Nikita Kolesnikov, former management company head Dmitry Romantsov (Romantsoff), Board of Directors member Dmitry Port, and the former general directors of Volzhskaya Textile Company to pay 3.2 billion rubles, according to the RAPSI agency. 

According to Paramonov, the companies’ top managers performed a series of transactions that “led to a significant drop in the value of the debtor’s property in light of their significant unprofitability.” In August 2010, Volzhskaya Textile Company was declared insolvent. Its debt to creditors was estimated at 4.2 billion rubles. 

The former directors of Volzhskaya Textile Company and the Savva Group management company disagreed with the court’s decision and filed an appeal. 



Home Buying Tips for First-time Buyers

Every existing homeowner was a first-time buyer and is well-aware of the challenges they experienced. It is not a decision that needs to be rushed but has to be taken with utmost responsibility. Home shopping includes plenty of work and an ongoing commitment to maintain their investment.

Never buy a home in a rush

Home buying decision needs to be taken seriously. Just because everyone is investing or the mortgage rates are low or someone told that you are throwing cash on rent, is not a good reason. Think about buying a home if you are settling down and financially prepared. Below are some tips that will help you avoid common first-time home buyer’s mistakes and navigate the process with ease.

Tips for mortgage down payment

Lots of mortgage options are available for first time home buyers with different down payment configuration.

  • FHA loans – If the first time the buyer is struggling with down payment then choose this option because the offer is 3.5% down!
  • VA loans – Military members and veterans qualify for VA loans. There is no need for PMI or down payment.
  • Fixed 30-year loan – Lock in low payment without any concerns about the change in interest rate, a secure loan program.
  • Adjustable-rate loan – It has a low rate of interest for the initial few years but is risky.

First time home buyer needs to remember that high down payment means low monthly loan payments. Sammamish is a Seattle Mortgage Company offering a different kind of home loans at competitive interest rates. They have been helping the Seattle community match home buyers with a reliable estate agent in their network as well as guide them through the mortgage process.

Tips for mortgage application

  • Before shopping for a dream house, determine your affordability.
  • Your credit is the main aspect, which will be considered for loan approval, possible terms, and determines the interest rate. Check your credit and if you can try to improve it. Avoid opening new credit accounts like auto loans or credit cards until the closing of the home loan period.
  • Compare mortgage rates and fees requesting for 3 to 4 quotes. If you plan to settle long in the home and have funds on-hand then ask the lenders if buy points are allowed. It means you prepay interest up front and secure a low rate of interest on the loan.
  • Get written pre-approval for the loan, which gives an idea of a price you need to look for while home shopping. It even reveals to the seller that you are serious about making a deal. Written loan pre-approvals are given based on your debts and incomes.

Tips for house shopping

  • Higher a reliable and experienced real estate agent.
  • Choose the right kind of home and neighborhood.
  • Shop with a solid budget and stick to it.

Common errors first-time buyers need to avoid

  • Ignoring closing costs, while setting a budget.
  • Not considering a buffer amount need to make improvements after the move.
  • Buying home fulfilling your current needs rather than considering the future needs.
  • Avoiding negotiations.
  • Less knowledge about home inspections.
  • Buying insufficient homeowners’ insurance coverage.

All the best for your dream house shopping!