2018 Conference Calendar Checklist: Are You Ready to Promote Your Business and Boost Sales?

Have to attend a really important conference in 2018? If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place. Here is a brief guide about promoting your business and boosting your sales in 2018:

Six Months Before the Conference

  • Set your goals for the conference.
  • Develop an overall format.
  • Design the duties of the coordinators.
  • Get in touch with experienced coordinators and see if they can help you out.
  • Delegate tasks to people you know you can rely on.

Have a Workshop Notebook

Create a checklist so that it is easy for you to manage things.

  • Include copies of workshop correspondence
  • Include program agenda and presentations

Know Details about the Venue, Date and Time

  • Make sure that you communicate all the details of the conference to the people who will attend it.
  • Know the starting and ending time of the conference.
  • If you are picking the site, make sure it is accessible.
  • Make transportation arrangements for all the participants.

Sort Out All the Finances

Three Months Before the Conference

Have an Agenda with You

  • Have a plan for all the sessions that you will be having in the conference.
  • Make the schedule for the conference.

Keynote Speaker

  • Know about the speakers who will speak in the conference.
  • See if the speakers are charging a fee.
  • Do the transportation arrangements for the speakers.

Miscellaneous Tasks

  • Create sheets for registration, presentations, as well as the transportation.
  • Finalise all the activities that will be done during the conference.

Two Months Before the Conference

  • Send the relevant material to all the people who will attend the conference.
  • Finalise sponsors for the event.

One Month Before the Conference

  • Have a list of all the people that will attend the conference.
  • Finalise the food and hotel arrangements.
  • Finalise the transportation.
  • Get all the materials that will be needed for the conference.

One to Two Weeks Before the Conference

  • Print out the final program for the conference.
  • Create the labels for all the attendees.
  • Find volunteers.
  • Hire a photographer for the event.
  • Make goody bags for the conference.

One Day Before the Conference

  • Go to the venue and store all the materials you would need the next day.

Day of Conference

  • Place the registration table and make sure that one person is present there during all times.

Create a separate evaluation form for all the sessions that will take place.

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